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Ex-UFC fighter Matt Serra subdues drunk at Red Rock Casino cafe

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Mario Kart: Train Circuit Ideas

Mario Kart: Train Circuit June 2024
Characters/Vehicle Bodies
Mario/B-Dasher (Kart) Luigi Peach Daisy Toad Yoshi Rosalina Bowser Donkey Kong Shy Guy Koopa Troopa Wario Waluigi Dry Bones Toadette Petey Piranha Baby Mario Baby Luigi Bowser Jr. Funky Kong Birdo Diddy Kong King Boo The Koopalings Pauline Nabbit Kamek Hammer Bro ROB Mii
Trophy Ceremony
The Top 3 Racers drive through Train Circuit with crowns on their heads. The player in 3rd has a Copper Crown, the player in 2nd has a Silver Crown, and the player in 1st has a Golden Crown. There are Toads, Koopa Troopas, Piantas, Lumas, Boneteers and Onorans cheering the Top 3 on from the sidelines. The Cheep Cheep Blimp is floating above the finish line and Lakitu awards the player the Trophy. The Player has the option of Saving/Quitting to the menu, retrying the cup, or to view a replay of one of the four tracks.
Character Unlocked! - Cutscene
The Character you have unlocked is freed from a Jail Cell. A jingle plays, and the game tells you how you unlocked the character.
Train Mode
Trains have 2 characters and 3 extra carts. There are no coins in Train Mode. Trains gain more speed from train parts. Trains only have blue mini turbos. Trains have lower gravity. There are 16 types of Trains. Trains cannot be used in Time Trials. Beating a cup in train mode gives you the same results for the cup in Standard Mode (Karts and Bikes.) Trains have whistles that can stun other players. Trains can only hold 1 item. Trains play a Remix of Super Mario Bros Course Clear when you win a race. Trains play a Remix of the Classic Game Over theme when you lose a race. Trains play a remix of the 1-Up sound when passing a racer.
Karts have good Weight And Traction. Only Karts can perform Ultra Mini Turbos. Bikes have good Handling and Acceleration. ATVs have good weight and traction. ATVs, Bikes, and Trains only have Blue Mini Turbos. Trains have good Speed and Weight.
Swing Hooks
Swing Hooks are a new mechanic in Mario Kart Train Circuit. Your kart automatically attaches to a claw swing when touching it. The farther down you press on a rope swing the farther you go. Swing Hooks can be tricked off of.
Lakitu’s Pit Stop & Shop!
Your one-stop shop to purchase Vehicles Parts using the coins you’ve collected in races! Here you can also customize your emblem and customize your Vehicle combo for races and battles!
Vehicle Emblems
You can add emblems to your Karts, Bikes, ATVs and Trains. You can customize the colors, the size of the pixels, use an eraser, and view your vehicle from many angles!
Banana Peel Triple Banana Peel Mushroom Triple Mushroom Green Shell Triple Green Shell Red Shell Triple Red Shell Fire Flower Super Star Bob-omb Bullet Bill Spiny Shell Mega Mushroom Fake Item Box Crazy Eight Lighting Super Horn Boo Piranha Plant Boomerang Flower Bob-omb Shell Double Cherry Ice Flower Super Crown
Mushroom Cup
Train Circuit Cascade Canyon Koopa Troopa Park Toad Cafe
Flower Cup
Fruity Falls Cocoa Kingdom Tostarena Ruins Shy Guy Circus
Star Cup
Luigi Stadium DK Savanna Demolition Dirtway Volbono Peaks
Special Cup
New Donk City Starlight Village Bowser’s Castle Rainbow Road
Shell Cup
DS Mario Circuit GBA Riverside Park Wii U Thwomp Ruins Wii Toad’s Factory
Banana Cup
SNES Vanilla Lake 2 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar GCN Mushroom City Wii U Sunshine Airport
Leaf Cup
3DS Rock Rock Mountain/Alpine Pass Wii Dry Dry Ruins N64 Wario Stadium GCN Bowser’s Castle
Lighting Cup
Wii DK Summit Wii U Electrodrome 3DS Maka Wuhu/Wuhu Island Loop GBA Rainbow Road
Shine Cup
Wii U Super Bell Subway DS Shroom Ridge Bianco Hills Shadow Play Street
Bell Cup
Wii Koopa Cape SNES Bowser Castle 1 Shangri Spa Nintendo Land
Battle Modes/Stages
Balloon Battle Coin Runners Shine Thief Shine Runners Bob-omb Blast Renegade Roundup Thunder Chase
Wario’s Casino Bowser’s Galleon Comet Observatory Hotel Delfino Mario’s Skatepark ———————— N64 Double Deck GCN Tilt-a-Kart Wii Funky Stadium 3DS Honeybee Hive NS Dragon Palace
Story Mode
When all of the Mario Kart racers get turned into Trophies, it’s up to Mario and friends to save them! Travel across the world to complete missions, collect Trophy Coins, and fight many foes!
Mission Ranks:
3 Trophy Coins (Excellent) 2 Trophy Coin (Super) 1 Trophy Coin (Good) A Rank (OK) B Rank (Bad) C Rank (Very Bad) D Rank (Terrible)
World 1: Peach’s Castle - Goomboss World 2: Tostarena Town - Knuckletoc World 3: Delfino Plaza - Petey Piranha World 4: Metro Kingdom - Mechawiggler World 5: Mount Volbono - Cookatiel World 6: Bowser’s Kingdom - Bowser World 7: Rosalina’s Observatory
50 Missions, 6 Bosses, 168 Trophy Coins
Peach’s Castle:
Train Circuit DS Mario Circuit Cascade Canyon Mario’s Skatepark GBA Riverside Park Wii Toad’s Factory N64 Double Deck Goomboss Battle
Tostarena Town:
Tostarena Ruins Wii Dry Dry Ruins 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar GCN Tilt-a-Kart Fruity Falls N64 Wario Stadium Koopa Troopa Park Knuckletoc Battle
Delfino Plaza:
Bianco Hills Wario’s Casino Wii Koopa Cape Hotel Delfino Nintendo Land 3DS Maka Wuhu Wii U Sunshine Airport Petey Piranha Battle
Metro Kingdom:
New Donk City Shadow Play Street DS Shroom Ridge Demolition Dirtway Toad Cafe Wii U Super Bell Subway GCN Mushroom City Mechawiggler Battle
Mount Volbono:
Volbono Peaks Shy Guy Circus 3DS Honeybee Hive Cocoa Kingdom Wii Funky Stadium SNES Vanilla Lake 2 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Cookatiel Battle
Bowser’s Kingdom :
Bowser’s Castle Bowser’s Galleon Wii U Electrodrome SNES Bowser Castle 1 Wii U Thwomp Ruins GCN Bowser’s Castle Luigi Stadium King Bowser Battle
Rosalina’s Observatory:
Shangri Spa NS Dragon Palace Wii DK Summit Comet Observatory DK Savanna Starlight Village Rainbow Road GBA Rainbow Road
Collect ___ Coins! Defeat Beat ___ in a Reverse Race! Beat the track in under ___ Seconds! Drive through ___ Rings! Destroy ___ Item Boxes! Perform ___ Mini Turbos in 1 Lap! Trick off ___ Ramps! Get 1st Place Without Drifting! Avoid every Item Box! Glide at least ____ Feet! Find 5 Green Stars in under ___ Seconds! Boss Fight
Star Cup - Win the Mushroom and Flower Cup
Special Cup - Win the Star Cup
Leaf Cup - Win the Shell and Banana Cup
Lightning Cup - Win the Leaf Cup
Shine Cup - Earn a Star Rank on every Nitro Cup
Bell Cup - Earn a Star Rank on every Retro Cup
Mirror Mode - Win every 50, 100, and 150cc Cup
200cc - Score a Star Rank on every 150cc Cup
Gold Mario - Score a Star Rank on every Mirror Mode Cup
Golden Standard/Golden Bike/Golden ATV/Golden Express - Win every 200cc Cup
Golden Wheels - Unlock a Super Fast Staff Ghost in all 40 Tracks
Golden Glider - Collect 5000 Coins
Daisy - Collect 30 Trophy Coins Baby Mario - Collect 45 Trophy Coins Baby Luigi - Collect 60 Trophy Coins Diddy Kong - Collect 75 Trophy Coins Funky Kong - Collect 90 Trophy Coins Shy Guy - Collect 105 Trophy Coins Rosalina - Collect 120 Trophy Coins Koopa Troopa - Collect 135 Trophy Coins Waluigi - Collect all 168 Trophy Coins Toadette - Earn a Star Rank on every 50cc Nitro Cup. Dry Bones - Earn a Star Rank on every 50cc Retro Cup. Petey Piranha - Win the 100cc Shine Cup. Kamek - Win the 50cc Special Cup. Birdo - Win the 50cc Lightning Cup. Hammer Bro - Win the 100cc Bell Cup. King Boo - Earn a Star Rank on every 100cc Cup. Bowser Jr. - Earn a Star Rank on all 150cc Nitro Cups. The Koopalings - Earn a Star Rank on all 150cc Retro Cups. Pauline - Earn a Star Rank in every Mirror Mode Cup. Sprixie Fairy - Play 1000 Races/Have a Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Save File and win 300 Races. Nabbit - Earn 3000 VR Points/Play 50 Battles. ROB - Earn 4000 VR Points/Play 100 Battles. Mii - Earn 5000 VR Points/Play 200 Battles.
32 Karts/Bikes/ATVs/Trains for each character 14 returning vehicle bodies
20 Wheels 32 Gliders for each character
VS Mode/Battle Mode Customization
-Kart/Bike/ATV, Wheels, Glider
-Standard Mode/Train Mode
-50cc/100cc/150cc/Mirror Mode/200cc
-Standard WeatheDay/Night/Rain/Sunset
-Laps (1/2/3/4/5/8/10/20/25/30/40/45/50)
-Easy CPU/Medium CPU/Hard CPU/No CPU
-4 Racers, 8 Racers, 12 Racers, 24 Racers
-Choose Tracks/Random Tracks/Tracks in Order
-Tracks (1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30, 32, 40)
-Racer Size (Standard/Mega Size/Lightning Size)
-Elimination Mode (On/Off) player in last stops playing)
-Reverse Race (On/Off)
-Kart/Bike/ATV, Wheels, Glider
-Standard Mode/Train Mode
-Standard WeatheDay/Night/Rain/Sunset
-Easy CPU/Medium CPU/Hard CPU/No CPU
-4 Racers, 8 Racers, 12 Racers, 24 Racers
-Choose Stages/Random Stages/Stages in Order
-Stages (1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30, 32, 40)
-Racer Size (Standard/Mega Size/Lightning Size)
-Timer (30 Seconds/1 Minute/2 Minutes/3 Minutes/4 Minutes/5 Minutes/10 Minutes/Off)
-Balloon Battle/Coin Runners/Renegade Roundup/Shine Thief/Bob-omb Blast/Shine Runners/Thunder Chase/Random Battle
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The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META | Year #19-#20: 2010-2011

Hello Jamiroquai!
This is the thirteenth META post for a new expansive series I have been wanting to do for some time for the subreddit, "The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META'! This information will be eventually added to the Jamiroquai WIKI Page in it's entirety in the future but for the time being, it will be a recurring post series.
All of this information is being imparted to us from the Funkin Site fansite, massive thanks to my pal David Rowe for collecting all this important tour information during the nearly past +30 years of the band history, I hope everyone in the Reddit Jamily enjoys this & MUCH MORE TO COME! Cheers Reddit Jamily!


The COMPLETE Year-By-Year Jamiroquai Tour History META | Year #19-#20: 2010-2011:


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
24 Jun 10 (Thu) UK, London, Debut London Performed: Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Corner Of The Earth, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Just Another Story, Deeper Underground. Exclusive 'warm-up' gig two days prior to the band supporting Stevie Wonder at the Hard Rock Calling event in London's Hyde Park.
26 Jun 10 (Sat) UK, London, Hyde Park, Hard Rock Calling Performed: Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. Jamiroquai are one of the support acts for Stevie Wonder, who headlines the second day of this three day festival in central London.
02 Jul 10 (Fri) France, Arras, Main Square Festival Performed: Revolution 1993, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Cosmic Girl, Black Capricorn Day, Little L, Alright, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
11 Jul 10 (Sun) Hungary, Zamardi, Balaton Sound Festival Performed: Revolution 1993, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, Corner Of The Earth, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
14 Jul 10 (Wed) Switzerland, Locarno, Moon and Stars Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Blow Your Mind, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
16 Jul 10 (Fri) Italy, Naples, Neapolis Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Blow Your Mind, When You Gonna Learn, Hooked Up, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
18 Jul 10 (Sun) France, Carhaix, Festival des Vieilles Charrues Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
19 Jul 10 (Mon) France, Carcassonne, Grand Theatre Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
21 Jul 10 (Wed) France, Nimes, Nimes Arena Performed: Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I Do It, Light Years, Little L, Cosmic Girl, Alright, Virtual Insanity, Rock Dust Light Star, Too Young To Die, Space Cowboy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
23 Jul 10 (Fri) Switzerland, Paleo Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Just Another Story, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
24 Jul 10 (Sat) Austria, Vienna, Nova Jazz Festival No Info
26 Jul 10 (Mon) Monaco, Monte Carlo, Sporting Club Performed: Blow Your Mind, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up, When You Gonna Learn, Black Capricorn Day, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
27 Jul 10 (Tue) Monaco, Monte Carlo, Sporting Club Performed: You Give Me Something, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, Little L, Alright, Hooked Up/Just Another Story, When You Gonna Learn, Black Capricorn Day, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground. This is the second of two gigs at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club.
29 Jul 10 (Thu) Belgium, Tienen, Suikerrock Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Light Years, You Give Me Something, Little L, Alright, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
06 Aug 10 (Fri) Portugal, Sudoeste Festival No Info
09 Sep 10 (Thu) UK, London (Knightsbridge), Mandarin Oriental Hotel Performed: Love Foolosophy, Smokin Mirrors, LifeLine, Hurtin, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride. Exclusive press/record-company 'showcase' gig to promote the album Rock Dust Light Star.
28 Sep 10 (Tue) UK, London, BBC Television Studios, Later with Jools Holland (tv) (broadcast date) Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, Deeper Underground
09 Oct 10 (Sat) Colombia, Bogota, Nem Catacoa Festival No Info
12 Oct 10 (Tue) Brazil, Programa do Jo (tv) (broadcast date) Performed: White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy. Paul Turner did not perform with the band for this television appearance. His place was taken by Dale Davis.
16 Oct 10 (Sat) Brazil, Sao Paulo, Natura Nos Festival Performed: Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Cosmic Girl, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Rock Dust Light Star (second version), Canned Heat, Deeper Underground
20 Oct 10 (Wed) UK, London (Kentish Town), Forum Performed: Revolution, High Times, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, Corner of the Earth, White Knuckle Ride, Black Capricorn Day, Cosmic Girl, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Hurtin', Canned Heat, Deeper Underground. This concert is one of a series of concerts as part of the 'Q Awards 2010.'
22 Oct 10 (Fri) Switzerland, Basel, Festival Hall, AVO Session Basel Performed: Revolution, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, Cosmic Girl, Black Capricorn Day, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Canned Heat
28 Oct 10 (Thu) Netherlands, Amsterdam, De Wereld Draait Door (tv) Performed: Blue Skies (acoustic)
29 Oct 10 (Fri) Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso Performed: Revolution, High Times, Little L, Alright (slow version), Hurting, Smoke and Mirrors, Black Capricorn Day, Rock Dust Light Star (acoustic), All Good In The Hood, Love Foolosophy, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground
31 Oct 10 (Sun) UK, London (Wembley), The Fountain Studios, The X Factor (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride. After performing Jay said he had 'reservations before appearing on the show' - and I'm sure the female judges did too after reading the 'quotes' that were printed from Jay in the Sun newspaper (UK) the previous day!
02 Nov 10 (Tue) Italy, The X Factor (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride
04 Nov 10 (Thu) UK, London, AIR Studios, BBC Radio 2 In Concert Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, High Times, Smoke & Mirrors, Little L, Alright, All Good In The Hood, Love Foolosophy, She's A Fast Persuader, Blue Skies, Deeper Underground. 100 pairs of free tickets to this concert were given away by BBC Radio Two (UK). Concert broadcast on BBC Radio Two.
05 Nov 10 (Fri) UK, London (Camden Town), Jazz Cafe Performed: Revolution, High Times, Smoke and Mirrors, Hurtin', All Good In The Hood, Little L, Alright, Love Foolosophy, She's A Fast Persuader, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground. This gig was for winners of a competition organised by HMV.
09 Nov 10 (Tue) Switzerland, Zurich, Kaufleuten Tickets can be won via the website. This is a small 'showcase' gig.
15 Nov 10 (Mon) France,Paris, L'Arc Performed: Rock Light Dust Star, Smoke & Mirrors, All Good In The Hood, Hurtin', She's A Fast Persuader, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. This is a private album launch gig promoted by Virgin Radio in France.
15 Nov 10 (Mon) France, Paris, Grand Journal de Canal+ (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Rock Dust Light Star
20 Nov 10 (Sat) Australia, Sydney (Point Piper), Take 40 Australia Party Performed: Hurtin', Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, She's A Fast Persuader, Alright, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground. An exclusive mansion house was rented in Point Piper to host the Take 40 Australia/Singstar party. The band performed outside in the garden on a stage built on top of a swimming pool!
21 Nov 10 (Sun) Australia, Sydney, The X Factor (tv) Performed: Canned Heat. The band performed Canned Heat and Jay sung alongside X-Factor finalist Sally Chatfield.
22 Nov 10 (Mon) Australia, Sydney, The X Factor (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride
24 Nov 10 (Wed) Japan, Tokyo, Refreshing (tv) Performed: White Knuckle Ride
24 Nov 10 (Wed) Japan, Tokyo (Shinjuku) Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, White Knuckle Ride. The band performed a short set on a stage set up outside on the streets of Tokyo for the launch of the Azul by Moussy store in Shinjuku. This performance was not officially announced or confirmed, but word spread round and the streets were full of people. Shortly before the band came on stage guitarist Rob Harris tweeted 'About to perform I Shinjuku. Closing down a street, pandemonium.'
28 Nov 10 (Sun) Germany, Stuttgart, Zapata Performed: Cosmic Girl, Rock Dust Light Star, Smokin Mirrors, Alright, All Good In The Hood, Hurtin', Lifeline, She's A Fast Persuader, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground
11 Dec 10 (Sat) Norway, Oslo, Spektrum Arena, Nobel Peace Prize Concert Performed: Canned Heat, Lifeline, Virtual Insanity. Following the concert the band performed an impromptu two hour gig at the hotel they were staying at!


Date Of Gig Country Concert & Additional Info
21 Jan 11 (Fri) UK, London, Alan Carr Show (tv) (recording date) Performed: Lifeline. The show was broadcast on UK television three days after filming.
28 Jan 11 (Fri) UK, The Sun Sessions (recording date) Recording of a live 'session' for The Sun newspaper website.
30 Jan 11 (Sun) UK, London, Comedy Rocks (recording date) Performed: Lifeline, All Good In The Hood, (and a few little snippets of songs to introduce acts and go in/out of commercial breaks). Jamiroquai are the 'house band' on this ITV comedy television show. The show was recorded on 30 January.
07 Feb 11 (Mon) France, Paris, Taratata (tv) (recording date) Performed: Deeper Underground, Rock Dust Light Star, California Soul (by Marlena Shaw), White Knuckle Ride
07 Mar 11 (Mon) France, Paris, L'Olympia The band performed a set lasting around 45 minutes at a private show as part of a 15 year celebration of fashion label Paul & Joe during Paris Fashion Week.
18 Mar 11 (Fri) Switzerland, Zurich, Hallenstadion Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, Hang It Over, When You Gonna Learn, Blue Skies, Virtual Insanity, Smoke n Mirrors, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Hey Floyd, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Feels Just Like It Should
21 Mar 11 (Mon) Germany, Hamburg, O2 World Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vain, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, Hang It Over, When You Gonna Learn, Angeline, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Hey Floyd, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Feels Just Like It Should
23 Mar 11 (Wed) France, Paris, Bercy Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, Use the Force, Hang it Over, You Give Me Something, She's a Fast Persuader, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, (Scam Break), All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Feels Just Like It Should
24 Mar 11 (Thu) France, CANCELLED: Lyon, Halle Toni Garnier On the afternoon of the concert the following message was posted at the Jamiroquai facebook page: Due to a tragic accident at the Halle Toni Garnier Arena, the gig at Lyon on 24th March (tonight) is regrettably cancelled. The band were shocked and saddened when told the news, and out of respect immediately felt the right decision was to cancel the show. A police investigation is taking place which would also have prevented the show from happening. We know how disappointed fans will feel, but can only say at this point, the gig will be re-arranged and we will have news of the revised date as soon as possible.
26 Mar 11 (Sat) Germany, Munich, Olympiahalle Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, All Good In The Hood, Use The Force, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
28 Mar 11 (Mon) Austria, Vienna, Stadthalle No Info
30 Mar 11 (Wed) Italy, Milan, Forum Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke and Mirrors, Use the Force, You Give Me Something, Hurtin, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, When You Gonna Learn
31 Mar 11 (Thu) Italy, Mantua, Palabam Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, Use the Force, ‎You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Use the Force, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knucle Ride
02 Apr 11 (Sat) Italy, Turin, Pala Olympico Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, Use The Force, You Give Me Something, Space Cowboy, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
03 Apr 11 (Sun) Italy, Florence, Mandela Forum Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirror, Use the Force, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', She's a Fast Persuader, Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, ‎Travelling Without Moving, All Good in the Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
05 Apr 11 (Tue) Luxembourg, Rockhal Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Love Foolosophy, Space cowboy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, All Good In The Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
06 Apr 11 (Wed) Germany, Stuttgart, Porsche Arena No Info
08 Apr 11 (Fri) Germany, Berlin, O2 World No Info
10 Apr 11 (Sun) Belgium, Brussels, Vorst Nationaal No Info
12 Apr 11 (Tue) Germany, CANCELLED: Oberhausen, Konig Pilsener Arena On the day of the concert posted the following message "Unfortunately owing to illness tonights Jamiroquai concert in Oberhausen has had to be cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will advise of the rescheduled date for the concert as soon as we can."
13 Apr 11 (Wed) Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, Smoke & Mirrors, You Give Me Something, Hurtin', Little L, Canned Heat, Deeper Underground, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, All Good In The Hood, Alright, White Knuckle Ride
15 Apr 11 (Fri) UK, London (Greenwich), O2 Arena No Info
17 Apr 11 (Sun) UK, Birmingham, LG Arena No Info
19 Apr 11 (Tue) UK, Manchester, MEN Arena No Info
20 Apr 11 (Wed) UK, Glasgow, Glasgow SECC No Info
29 Apr 11 (Fri) Chile, Santiago, Movistar Arena No Info
18 May 11 (Wed) France, Cannes, Hotel Martinez Private gig during the Cannes Film Festival organised by clothing label Replay.
20 May 11 (Fri) Argentina, Buenos Aires, Quilmes Rock Festival Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, You Give Me Something, Lifeline, Little L, Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Corner Of The Earth, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
31 May 11 (Tue) France, Paris, Casino de Paris Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam Intro, All Good In The Hood, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride, Cosmic Girl. Private concert organised by Pression Live.
08 Jun 11 (Wed) Estonia, Tallin, Saku Arena No Info
10 Jun 11 (Fri) Russia, Saint Petersburg, Ice Palace No Info
12 Jun 11 (Sun) Russia, Moscow, Crokus City Hall No Info
14 Jun 11 (Tue) Ukraine, Kiev, Palace Of Sports No Info
18 Jun 11 (Sat) Poland, Warsaw, Orange Festival No Info
21 Jun 11 (Tue) Croatia, Zagreb, T-Mobile Festival No Info
24 Jun 11 (Fri) Bulgaria, CANCELLED: Razlog, Elevation Festival Jamiroquai cancelled their appearance at this festival because of an injury to Jay Kay's ankle.
26 Jun 11 (Sun) Turkey, CANCELLED: Istanbul, Kurucesme Arena Jamiroquai cancelled their appearance at this festival because of an injury to Jay Kay's ankle.
02 Jul 11 (Sat) Romania, Mamaia, Orange Summer Party No Info
03 Jul 11 (Sun) Former Yugoslavic Republic Of Macedonia, Skopje, Philip-II-Arena No Info
09 Jul 11 (Sat) Serbia, Novi Sad, Exit Festival No Info
13 Jul 11 (Wed) Germany, CANCELLED: Straubing, Jazz Donau The concert was unfortunately cancelled on 12 July.
14 Jul 11 (Thu) Germany, CANCELLED: Mainz, Zollhafen Nordmole The concert was unfortunately cancelled on 12 July.
16 Jul 11 (Sat) Switzerland, Bern, Gurten Festival No Info
17 Jul 11 (Sun) Germany, Ulm, Radio Festival No Info
19 Jul 11 (Tue) France, Arcachon, Velodrome No Info
21 Jul 11 (Thu) Italy, Padova, Piazzola Sul Brenta No Info
22 Jul 11 (Fri) Italy, Rome, Ippodromo Delle Capannelle No Info
24 Jul 11 (Sun) Italy, Lucca, Piazza Napoleone No Info
26 Jul 11 (Tue) France, CANCELLED: Bayonne, Arena This concert was cancelled at the very last minute and the following statement was made the following day. Jay Kay would like to apologise to disappointed fans for the cancellation of last night's show in France. Jay's on-going groin injury has been diagnosed as a hernia which will be need to be operated on later in the summer. Following an MRI scan last week specialists had advised rest but Jay has insisted he wants to try to finish the current run of dates. Doctors have said that provided he manages the pain sufficiently he can continue performing if he feels able. During the course of the past two days the pain flared up again and yesterday he reluctantly decided he did not feel he well enough to perform last night. After two days rest he is hopeful he will be able to complete the remaining 4 shows of the current run, including Toulon tomorrow night. Jay said "I would like to thank fans for their understanding, this is a very frustrating injury and some days the pain is just too extreme to perform to a standard I believe is acceptable. I promise I will do my best to come back out again soon when I'm fully fit and am optimistic I'll be able to pull off the remaining shows of the run."
28 Jul 11 (Thu) France, Nice, Palais Nikaia No Info
29 Jul 11 (Fri) France, Toulon, Six Four Festival Performed: Black Capricorn Day, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Morning Glory, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
31 Jul 11 (Sun) Spain, Barcelona, Poble Espanyol No Info
03 Aug 11 (Wed) Spain, Malaga (Auditorium Municipal) No Info
07 Aug 11 (Sun) Ibiza Privilege Club No Info
05 Sep 11 (Mon) Turkey, Istanbul, Kurucesme Arena Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Morning Glory (Intro), Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Use The Force (Interlude), Travelling Without Moving, Scam (Break), Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
09 Sep 11 (Fri) Italy, Monza, Stadio Brianteo, F1 Rocks Event organised as part of the Italian F1 Grand Prix.
29 Sep 11 (Thu) Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (Barra da Tijuca), Olympic Park Rock City, Rock in Rio Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Morning Glory, Canned Heat, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
20 Nov 11 (Sun) Germany, Oberhausen, Konig Pilsener Arena Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Scam (break), Alright, Deeper Underground. Due to heavy fog in London on the day of the concert the bandmembers arrived at the venue late with no time for a soundcheck. The concert started slightly later than planned and there were many complaints about the sound quality because of the lack of soundcheck. This is the rescheduled concert that was cancelled on 12 April.
22 Nov 11 (Tue) France, Paris, Bercy Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Dynamite, Feels Just Like It Should, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
23 Nov 11 (Wed) France, Nantes, Zenith Nantes Metropole Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
25 Nov 11 (Fri) France, Strasbourg, Zenith Performed: Rock Dust Light Star, Main Vein, Cosmic Girl, High Times, Little L, Interlude, Canned Heat, All Good In The Hood, Hey Floyd, Use The force, Love Foolosophy, Travelling Without Moving, Alright, Hurtin', Deeper Underground, White Knuckle Ride
27 Nov 11 (Sun) France, Limoges, Zenith No Info
28 Nov 11 (Mon) France, Toulouse, Zenith No Info
30 Nov 11 (Wed) France, Lyon No Info
03 Dec 11 (Sat) Belgium, CANCELLED: Antwerp, Lotto Arena The Jamiroquai Facebook page wrote the following on 28 October - "We are sorry to announce the cancellation of the gig at Lotto Arena, Antwerp (Belgium), on 3rd December. This is due to unforeseen logistical problems, which have led to the difficult decision to cancel the gig. We hope to re-arrange the gig in 2012."
10 Dec 11 (Sat) UK, Silverstone, Red Bull F1 Racing Team Party No Info
31 Dec 11 (Sat) Australia, Sydney, Glebe Island No Info
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Florida to San Jose California, 1964 Corvette, 1986 timeframe

Florida to San Jose in a 1964 Corvette. My buddy spent every penny he had buying it with nothing left over for a tune-up or fresh tires before we took off. (Mistake #1) He picked me up @ Hartsfield in Atlanta at 2 a.m, (long before cellphones....coordinating my late arrival was difficult) we ate at a Waffle House at 3 a.m. and off we went. It was to be all blue highways, back roads, 2-lanes, no interstates or national chain restaurants from that point forward.
A copy of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was to be our Bible.
We saw innumerable "See Rock City" signs and drove through the apparent fireworks capital of the free world @ the Georgia/TN border.
The damn Vette kept breaking down, first a clutch in Nashville, later a U-joint near Clarksville. Carb troubles in Nevada. I remember we saw “Weird Science” at the Clarksville theater, long before theaters were all 24-plexes. Afterwards at a bar we told a pair of local ladies we were “Location Agents” in town scouting sites for a film that was going to be shot there. Remember, this was pre-HIV... We were looking for a LAKE that the SUN came up over in the East.......\snicker, snicker**
What surprised us most were the full size satellite TV dishes behind every farmhouse across America. From nothing to 250+ channels with nothing but a check and a bootleg converter. Rural America had gotten wired. Well, dished. News, or what passed for it, was now broadcast 24 hours a day. (Mistake #2?)
Mosquitoes ate us alive at some state park in Arkansas where we’d foolishly chosen to camp rather than get a cheap motel room. We had a cassette walkman to pass the time before sleep came. The waitress at the one cafe in some lonely small town in Kansas assured us “Charlie,” the Frito Lay guy, came by EVERY DAY to refill the rack. We've joked about "Charlie" ever since.
We trailed a shiny stainless Kraft tanker truck across the loneliest highway in America, drafting for better fuel mileage, until he locked up the brakes and turned down a deserted dirt road. Trust me. There were no cows, and no dairies down that road. Must have been Area 51, or something else, cause a “milk truck” had no business being there. Fortunately we just missed creaming his rear bumper.
By this point we were getting around 7 mpg's belching black smoke , until a “19 year Chevy dealership mechanic” in a tiny town in the middle of east nowhere, Nevada, told us “No problem, one bowl on your Holley double pumper has sagged, I’ll file it flat and double gasket it and we were on our way again having barely finished lunch, back into, barely, double digit gas mileage. It was AS IF he had been placed there, just for us.
We camped among the stars in a mountaintop State Park near Eloy, Nevada, decided THIS was the place to hang out after nuclear war. You could see cars approaching from 50 miles away. Big cave, glacier full of icemelt pure water, deer everywhere. Survival city. The gubbmit was inexplicably stringing wire and fiber-optic cables into the cave. Maybe they had the same idea. A tiny casino with two slot machines and some serious alcoholics was Eloy's entertainment offering.
It seemed at every breakdown we ran into JUST the right person to fix the ‘64 for us, although the 10 pound metal glove box door continued slamming into my knees all the way to San Jose. @#[email protected]!!!!
Everywhere we went there was someone wanting to talk to us about the burnt orange, white-striped Vette. Either a parent had owned one, a neighbor or their friend had owned one, or a good friend / cousin had died crashing one. We heard, or shall I say endured, endless Vette stories. (As I do again today, it’s the price of admission).
A fourth and final flat occurred near Lake Tahoe. I was ready to pull my hair out at Dave's frugality. Stopping at endless gas stations looking for ANY used tire that would fit. We were running for home at that point, late on our schedule. I think we did the final 200 miles without a spare.
A fly fishing trip on the South Fork of the North something river outside Denver had been the hi-light of the trip, along with an impromptu color TV repair at the cabin. My buddy pulled a trout out on his first cast, having never fished before. "To catch a fish one must THINK like a fish" he had pontificated,..... and then proceeded to JUST DO IT. Rest of us were amazed. I got skunked by a noob!
A cold solder joint in an old TV was repaired with a nail, held in Vice-Grips, heated red hot over a stove burner. Instantly the football field was green once again. My companion impressed the shit out of me with that piece of wizardry.
Forty years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. We ultimately had to do about 17 miles on an Interstate somewhere in Utah. No way around. There are no road trips to be had, no stories to be gained, blasting 80mph on a superslab and eating in chain restaurants. Never have been, never will be. 2-lanes, diners, cafe's, that's where you see and talk to America.
We learned to take the road less traveled and to take ALL the time needed with everyone who had a story to tell us. We didn't take nearly enough (film) pictures. Mistake #3.
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GOLD giveaway!!! comment if you want any!!
1x Pizza Place
2x Fancy Cuisine
1x Coffee House
1x Sky Burger
1x Moroccan Cuisine
1x Rock Diner
1x Burrito Bar
1x Bitbook
1x Recycling
1x Martial Arts
1x Style Salon
1x Device Repair
1x Bank
1x Doggy Daycare
1x Casino
2x Video Rental
1x Paintball Arena
1x Cyber Cafe
2x Night Club
1x Theater
1x Planetarium
2x Park
1x Circus
1x Rock Climbing
1x Skate Shop
2x Pet Shop
3x Joey Bitton
1x Bike Shop
1x Robot Store
3x Book Store
1x Women’s Fashion
4x 3x Game Store
1x Grocery Store
1x Fabric Shop
1x Soda Brewary
1x Clockmaker
1x Laboratory
1x Recording Studio
3x Sculpting Studio
2x Floral Studio
1x Art Studio
1x Game Studio
1x Dance Studio
also if you have any unwanted gold bits send them over to my storage : B63SJ
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Full list of upcoming games on the Nintendo Switch (US) (Updated 4/18/2020)

Console exclusives (games that are also on PC and/or mobile, but not on other consoles) in Italics. Nintendo exclusives (games that are only on Nintendo platforms) in bold.
Games Release date Date confirmed by?
Moving Out 4/28/20
Telling Lies 4/28/20
Active Neurons - Puzzle Game 4/29/20
Dread Nautical 4/29/20 Official Trailer
StarCrossed 4/29/20
Book of Demons 4/30/20
Bubble 4/30/20
Fairy Knights 4/30/20
Four Kings Casino and Slots 4/30/20
Levelhead 4/30/20
Ministry of Broadcast 4/30/20
Mushroom Heroes 4/30/20
My Secret Pets 4/30/20
Pocket Arcade Story 4/30/20
Sega Ages G-LOC Air Battle 4/30/20
Streets of Rage 4 4/30/20
War-Torn Dreams 4/30/20
Japanese Rail Sim April 2020 Official Website
911 Operator Deluxe Edition 5/1/20
Arcade Spirits 5/1/20
Gun Crazy 5/1/20
Swappperoo 5/1/20
Tonight We Riot 5/1/20
Fledgling Heroes 5/7/20
Gerritory 5/7/20
Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl 5/7/20
Infinite - Beyond the Mind 5/7/20
Relic Hunters Zero: Remix 5/7/20
Spirit of the North 5/7/20
The Bullet: Time of Revenge 5/7/20
Void Bastards 5/7/20
Lonely Mountains: Downhill 5/7/20 Official Trailer
Dark Burial 5/8/20
Fury Unleashed 5/8/20
Megabyte Punch 5/8/20
Supermash 5/8/20
1971 Project Helios 5/9/20
Highrise Heroes: World Challenge 5/9/20
Star Wars Episode I Racer 5/12/20 Developer interview
Jet Lancer 5/12/20
Super Mega Baseball 3 5/13/20 Official Trailer
Best Friend Forever 5/14/20
Signs of the Sojourner 5/14/20 Official Trailer
TT Isle of Man 2 Ride on the Edge 5/14/20
Dungeon of the Endless 5/15/20
Golf With Your Friends 5/19/20
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix 5/15/20
Railway Empire: Nintendo Switch Edition 5/15/20
The Wonderful 101: Remastered 5/19/20 Official Twitter Post
Biped 5/21/20
The Persistence 5/21/20
Maneater 5/22/20 Official Trailer
Monstrum 5/22/20
Minecraft Dungeons 5/26/20 Official Twitter Post
Ninjala 5/27/20
Atomicrops 5/28/20 Official Website/Official Trailer
Shantae and the Seven Sirens 5/28/20 Official Trailer
Synaptic Drive 5/28/20 Official Japanese Website (worldwide release on Nintendo Switch specifically mentioned)
Turmoil 5/28/20
Adam's Venture: Origins 5/29/20
Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition 5/29/20
Bioshock Remastered 5/29/20
Bioshock 2 Remastered 5/29/20
Bioshock: The Collection 5/29/20
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition 5/29/20
Borderlands Legendary Collection 5/29/20
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection 5/29/20
XCOM 2 Collection 5/29/20
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (Multiple versions) 5/29/20
Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus May 2020
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics 6/5/20
The Outer Worlds 6/5/20 Official Website
Warborn 6/12/20
Burnout Paradise Remastered 6/19/20 eShop (as documented by u/TheOfficialTOY on Reddit (Note: date on eShop has currently changed back to just 2020)
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated 6/23/20
Mr. Driller: DrillLand 6/25/20
Fairy Tail 6/26/20 Official Twitter Post
Mozart Requiem 6/30/20 Official Website
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III 6/30/20
Aeolis Tournament Spring 2020 Official Website
Aground Spring 2020 Official Website
Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Spring 2020 Official Trailer
Commandos 2 HD Remastered Spring 2020 Official Website
Dog Duty Spring 2020 Official Twitter Post
Empire of Sin Spring 2020
Faeria Spring 2020
Fury Roads Survivor Spring 2020 Official Website
Ghost of a Tale Spring 2020
Hotshot Racing Spring 2020 Official Trailer
Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars Spring 2020 Official Website
In Other Waters Spring 2020 Official Trailer
Purrtato Tail: By the Light of the Elderstar Spring 2020 Official Fact Sheet
Refractor Spring 2020 Kinda Funny Games E3 Showcase
Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break Spring 2020 Official Twitter Post
Spiritfarer Spring 2020 Indie World Showcase 8.19.2019
Summer in Mara (Timed Console Exclusive) Spring 2020
Terror Squid Spring 2020 Developer Post on Reddit
The Elder Scrolls: Blades Spring 2020
Wingspan Spring 2020
Biped Q2 2020 Official Trailer
Colt Canyon Q2 2020 Official Website
Dungeon Defenders Awakened (Timed Exclusive) Q2 2020 Official Twitter Post
Infinite - Beyond the Mind Q2 2020 Official Twitter Post
Slice of Life Q2 2020 Official Twitter Post
The Red Lantern Q2 2020
Train Mechanic Simulator Q2 2020 Official Website
Hellpoint Before the end of Q2 2020 Official Trailer / Official Twitter Post
Broken Lines Early 2020 Official Trailer
Bug Fables Early 2020 Official Twitter Post
Dreamscaper (Timed Exclusive) Early 2020
Eastward Early 2020
Liberated (Timed Exclusive) Early 2020 Official Fact Sheet/Indie World Showcase 12.10.2019
Lost Words Early 2020 Official Twitter Post/Official Twitter Post
Phogs! Early 2020 Indie World Showcase 8.19.2019
Vigil: The Longest Night Early 2020 Announce Trailer
Windjammers 2 Early 2020 Official Trailer
Wunderling Early 2020 Official Twitter Post
Sunless Skies First Half of 2020 Official Trailer
Ira Early-Mid 2020 Official Website
Sports Story Mid 2020
80s Overdrive 7/5/20 Official Website
Catherine: Full Body 7/7/20
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (AKA Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town) 7/10/20 (European Release Date) Official Trailer
Void Terrarium 7/14/20 Official Twitter Post
Radical Rabbit Stew 7/16/20 Official Twitter Post
Bullet Age July 2020
RetroMania Wrestling July 2020 Official Twitter Page
Skater XL July 2020 Twitter Post
Giraffe and Annika 8/28/20 Official Trailer
Windbound 8/28/20 Official Twitter Post
This is the Zodiac Speaking 9/24/20 Official Twitter Post
Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue Summer 2020 Official Twitter Post
Bake 'N Switch Summer 2020
Baldo: The Guardian Owls (Timed Exclusive) Summer 2020
Blair Witch Summer 2020
Blue Fire (Timed Exclusive) Summer 2020
Bounty Battle Summer 2020
Cyanide and Happiness: Freakpocalypse: Part 1 (Timed Console Exclusive) Summer 2020
Deliver Us the Moon Summer 2020 Official Twitter Post
Eldest Souls (Timed Console Exclusive) Summer 2020
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Summer 2020 TGS 2019 Trailer/Official Twitter Post
Inertial Drift Summer 2020 Official Twitter Post
King of the Hat Summer 2020
Megadimension Neptunia VII Summer 2020 Official Twitter Post
PixelJunk Eden 2 Summer 2020
Rivals of Aether Summer 2020 Announcement at Genesis 7 Event (via user Kindbot on Twitter)
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Summer 2020 Official Trailer (exclusively released through IGN)
Sky: Children of the Night Summer 2020
Superliminal Summer 2020
The Last Campfire Summer 2020
Going Under Q3 2020 Official Trailer
Lord Winklebottom Investigates Q3 2020 Official Website
Port Royale 4 Q3 2020 Official Website
Starbase Startopia Q3 2020 Official Website
Robotics;Notes Double Pack 10/13/20 Official Trailer
Kumo 10/20/20 Developer Post on Reddit
Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal November 2020 Official Website
Axiom Verge 2 Fall 2020 Indie World Showcase 12.10.2019
Cyber Shadow Fall 2020 Official Website
Tin & Kuna Fall 2020 Official Trailer
Prinny 1•2: Exploded and Reloaded Autumn 2020 Official Trailer
Fuser Fall 2020
Circadian City Q4 2020 Announce Trailer
Defense Corp Q4 2020 Developer Comment on Reddit
Pumpkin Jack Q4 2020 Official Trailer
Clive 'N' Wrench Winter 2020 Official Trailer
B.Ark (Timed Exclusive) Late 2020
Dicey Dungeons Late 2020
Quantum League Late 2020
Skatebird Late 2020 Indie World Showcase 12.10.2019
Dangerous Driving 2 Holiday 2020 Official Website
Ageless 2020 Official Twitter Post
Ary and the Secret of Seasons 2020 Official Webpage
Black Book 2020 Official Trailer
Boyfriend Dungeon 2020
Bravely Default II 2020
Cafe Enchante 2020 Anime Expo 2019 Panel (as relayed by
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of the New Champions 2020 Official Trailer
Car Mechanic Flipper 2020 Official Website
Chicken Wiggle Workshop 2020 Official Website
Chris Tales 2020 Official Webpage
Circuit Superstars 2020 Official Website
Cloudpunk 2020 Official Developer Post on Reddit
Collar X Malice 2020 Anime Expo 2019 Panel (as relayed by
Collar X Malice Unlimited 2020 Anime Expo 2019 Panel (as relayed by
Cthulhu: Books of Ancients 2020 Official Website
Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise 2020
Devil's Hunt 2020 Official Twitter Post
Dex 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Digimon Survive 2020 Anime Expo panel (relayed by
Door Kickers 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Electrix 2020 Official Website
Farm & Fix 2020 2020 Official Website
Farm Manager 2018 2020 Official Website
Flipper Mechanic 2020 Official Website
Gearshifters 2020 Official Website
Gleamlight 2020
God Fire 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Good Night Knight 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Greak: Memories of Azur 2020 Official Trailer
Haven 2020 Official Website
Hazel Sky 2020 Official Trailer
Heaven's Vault 2020 Official Twitter Post
Hero: Flood Rescue 2020 Official Website
Hindsight 20/20 2020 Announce Trailer
I Am Dead (Timed Exclusive) 2020
Inmost 2020
Ion Fury (formerly Ion Maiden) 2020 Discord Comment by Developers (as relayed by Steam community moderator Lunick)
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate 2020 Official Trailer
ITTA 2020 Official Twitter Post
Jump Force 2020 Official Trailer
Jump King 2020 Official Trailer
Kingpin: Reloaded 2020 Official Trailer
King's Bounty II 2020
Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 2020 Announce Trailer
Little Nightmares II 2020 Announce Trailer
Maid of Sker 2020 Official Website
Mail Mole 2020 Official Trailer
Mars Horizon 2020 Official Website
Moon Village 2020 Official Website
Mushrooms: Forest Walker 2020 Official Website
N1RV Ann-A 2020 Announce Trailer
Necrobarista 2020 Official Twitter Page
No More Heroes 3 2020
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Videogame 2020 Official Website
Outbuddies 2020 Official Website
P.U.G.S. Agents 2020 Official Website
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire 2020 Interview With Developer
Piofore No Banshou 2020 Anime Expo 2019 Panel (as relayed by
Plastic Rebellion 2020 Official Website
Real Boxing 2 2020 QubicGames 2020 Direct
Remothered: Broken Porcelain 2020 Announce Trailer
Ring of Life: Survive in Proxima 2020 Official Website
Robotics;Notes Elite 2020 Official Website
Rogue Company 2020
Sail Forth 2020
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin 2020 Official Website
Spacebase Startopia 2020 Announce Trailer
Spin Rhythm XD 2020 Announce Trailer
Spitlings 2020 Official Twitter Page
The Good Life 2020
The Survivalists 2020
This Is Pool 2020 Official Website
This Is Snooker 2020 Official Website
Those Who Remain 2020 Official Twitter Page
Trigger Witch 2020 Kinda Funny Games E3 Showcase
Unlucky Seven 2020 Official Website
Unto the End 2020 Official Trailer
Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York 2020 Official Steam Page
XIII 2020 Official Twitter Post
Gods & Monsters Fiscal 2020-2021 (Between April 1 2020 and April 1 2021) E3 Trailer/Official Announcement
Backbone 2021 Official Website
Dordogne 2021 Official Trailer
Summer at the Edge of the Universe 2021 Official Twitter Post
(Note: TBA Dates and Missed Release Dates in comments)
I miss anything? Mis-marked exclusivity? Have an official source with updated info? Let me know!
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Welcome to the B.L.o.K. (Big List of Kelowna)

Tons of posts are asking about this town (mine included), so I decided to go through the /kelowna history and put all the responses in a central place. It can be a guide for visitors and Kelowna newbies in general. All the information has been gathered exclusively from posts here. If you'd like to add anything to the list, or see any errors, reply below and I'll add it to the main post below. (Mods, if this is long-term useful, you can sticky it.)

Activities & Things To Do




Bike Rental

Breweries / Craft Beer


BC Parks Campgrounds Reserve

Other Camping

Concert Hosts / Weeklies / Promoter Events


Dog Parks

Festivals & Annual Large Events

Fly Fishing

Food and Restaurants




Good for Groups








Mexican / Comida Latina



Subs / Sandwhiches


Tasting Menus


Vegan & Vegetarian

Not Dedicated Vegan, but a Decent Vegan Selection






Ice Skating

Internet Service Providers

Live Music

Mountain Biking

Nightlife / Clubs

Places to Avoid

Real Estate Agents




Skiing & Snowboarding

Local, within 90 minutes

Within a few hours drive


Cross Country & Nordic


Swimming Pools

Taxis / Driver Service

(There's no Uber or Lyft in Kelowna)




Thrift Stores / Consignment Stores


Watch Hockey



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Giveaway of 9-skill Bits from Big Tower

Hello TT Peeps -
After coming back to the game and learning about rebuilding, I think I'm going to give it a try. I am giving away all of my 9-skill bits - NONE OF THEM ARE GOLD BITS. They are all skill level 9 in their dream jobs. Post what you want and your code. Some will come from my storage account:
Green: Asian Cuisine x2; Bakery x2; BBQ x2; Cheese Shop x1; Coffee x3; Diner x3; Donut x3; Fancy Cuisine x1; Froyo x1; Pancake x2; Pizza x2; Pub x2; Scoops x3; Seafood x1; Sky Burger x1; Smoothie x2; Sub Shop x3; Sushi x1; Tea House x1; and Vegan x3.
Blue: Bank x2; Barber x1; Courthouse x2; Day Spa x3; Dentist x1; Doctor x1; Fire Station x3; Fortune x2; Health Club x1; Laundromat x1; Martial Arts x3; Mechanic x1; Optometrist x2; Plumber x3; Private Eye x1; Recycling x2; Security x1; Ship Print x1; Stock Exchange x1; Travel Agency x1, Tutoring x2; and Wedding x3.
Yellow: Aquarium x2; Arcade x3; Archery x3; Billiard x3; Bowling x3; Casino x3; Cineplex x2; Comedy Club x1; Cyber Cafe x3; Haunted x3; Karaoke x2; Museum x3; Night Club x1; Paintball x3; Park x1; Planetarium x1; Racquetball x2; Rock Climbing x3; Theater x1; and Video Rental x3.
Purple: Auto Dealer x2; Bike Shop x2; Book Store x2; Candle Shop x2; Comic Store x1; Furniture x2; Game Store x1; Grocery x3; Home Supply x1; Jewelry x2; Mens Fashion x1; Music Store x2; Pet Shop x2; Plant Nursery x1; Record Shop x3; Robot Store x3; Shoe Store x1; Surf Shop x1; Tech Store x3; and Womens Fashion x2.
Red: Ad Agency x1; Animation x2; Cake Studio x1; Clockmaker x3; Floral Studio x1; Graphic Design x2; Photo Studio x1; Soda Brewery x1; Software x1; Tattoo Parlor x2; and TV Studio x2.
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My favorite recent videos

Here I'm highlighting Funhaus videos I've enjoyed the most from the post-Bruce/Lawrence era.
One reason to do this is to communicate to Funhaus what I like the most. Another reason is to give new or returning fans a list of newer videos I can recommended they watch.
Here I'm generally focused on videos with dense comedic content. I watch Board as Hell, Dude Soup, and Filmhaus but videos of that type can be categorized separately.
I've placed the videos I most enjoy rewatching in categories '+++' and '++'. Videos I enjoy reatching less regularly I've placed in '+'. Videos I don't rewatch regularly do not appear on this list.
Feel free to comment if you think I missed or underrated something.
Also, Funhaus might consider updating the welcome to funhaus playlist on the channel's youtube page.

Gritty Little Liars - L.A. Noire Gameplay Part 4
Melt In Our Mouth - Wheelhaus Gameplay w/ Zach Anner
His Dank Materials - The Golden Compass
Stuffed Animals - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Belly of the Beast - Teletubbies Funny Moments
Tips Ahoy - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Arch Rivals - Towerfall Ascension Gameplay
Glitches and Hose - Flashing Lights Gameplay
What We Subdue In the Shadows - Aragami Gameplay
Dominating The Matrix - Super Hot VR Gameplay
Watch the World Burn - Funhaus BTS
Ye Olde Authentic Ren Faire McGriddles - GTA 5 Funny Moments
You Got Final Fantasy VII in My Skyrim! - Mod Gameplay
Our DRUNK Game Show: 20 Second Showdown

Amateur Pawn - Wheelhaus Gameplay
Into Ruff Stuff - Wheelhaus Gameplay
Glitcher, Failure, Soldier, Spy - Death To Spies Funny Moments
War Daddies - Gears 5 Gameplay
Lickin' for Love - I Love You Colonel Sanders Gameplay
Skilled Headers - Wheelhaus Gameplay
Down To Funk - Driver: Parallel Lines Funny Moments
Magma Cum Laude - Hot Lava Gameplay
best tech gifts under $5
Wide Receiving - Worst Games Ever Gameplay
Still Rock Hard - Band Manager Part 2
Sleep Fapnea - Catherine Full Body Gameplay with Retro Replay
Valentine's Day Challenge: Enter The TrendBlaster - Google Trends Show
One Girl, Two Cups - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for $5 or LESS
Thor: Love and Blunder - Marvel Strike Force Gameplay
How NOT To Make A Meme - GTA 5 Funny Moments
We BUILT An Eye Tracker GAME For You!
Grandma Is Out to GET SOME - Sims 4 Gameplay
Meditations on Puppies and Poop - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Kill Me, I'm Irish - LA Noire Gameplay Part 7
Best of NES - Worst 80s Nintendo Movie Games
Sorority Rush Week In The Sims 4
What To Eat Out On a First Date - GTA 5 Funny Momements
Ragdoll Party Online Has ALL the Glitches!
Bruce is Back To Freak Your Mind! - Demo Disk Gameplay
Wizarding World of GTA Online - Casino Heist Part 1
Nerds of Prey - Predator: Hunting Grounds w/ Bruce and Sark
Resident Evil 3 Remake Needs More Tube Tops
The Wines of Grindelwald - GTA Online Casino Heist Part 2
Survivor: Bachelor Edition - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Final Fantasy VII Remake VS Retro Speedrun Challenge
Raw and Order - Demo Disk Gameplay w/ Bruce Greene
1999 Problems - Demo Disk Gameplay w/ Bruce Greene
Hot, Wet, and Dying - Green Hell Gameplay w/ Sark
Obstacle Courses and Bidets - Funhaus Animal Crossing Island Tour Part 2!
Share the Load - Demo Disk Gameplay w/ Jack Pattillo
Star Wars: Sprites of the Old Republic - Demo Disk Gameplay w/ Bruce Greene
Book 'Em and Cook 'Em! - LA Noire Gameplay Part 8
Escape from Castle Gabenstein - CSGO Co-Op Adventure Mod w/ Andy Cortez
Face Tattoos Are All That! - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Let's Play the Funhaus Feud w/ Kinda Funny!
Mushroom Tips: James Teaches Kinda Funny How To Play Mario Party
Ghosts of Funhaus Past - Co-Op Adventure Mod w/ Spoole
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Talk Show Train Wreck - This Is Your Show Now!
Fatal Extraction - CSGO Co-op Adventures Mod w/ CrankGamePlays
Fire Up Your Dial Up For Runescape!
Cycle Killers - GTA 5 Funny Moments
CS:GO Heist Co-Op Adventures Mod w/ Chilled Chaos!

Riffing and Sniffing - Funhaus Comments #118 (Open Haus Edition)
Doc Ocasio-Cortez - Funhaus Comments #119 (Open Haus Edition)
Now This Is (not) Podracing! - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Fowl Play
Hole Trolls
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Slasher Fiction - Funhaus Halloween Spooktacular Gameplay
Fallout 77 - Outer Worlds Gameplay w/ Geoff Ramsey
High Speed Fail - Metro Sim Hustle Gameplay
Virtual Depravity - Wheelhaus Gameplay
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Gazed and Confused
Assassin To Assassin - Hitman 2 Ghost Mode Gameplay
Dark Side Souls - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay
Dirty Diaper Olympics - Come On, Baby Funny Moments
Casting Couch Capers - L.A. Noire Gameplay Part 5
We Botched A Zoo - Planet Zoo Gameplay
Medal Heads - Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Gameplay
Whack To the Future - GTA 5 Funny Moments
Skaters Be Skatin' - Worst Games Ever Gameplay
Cowboys and Idiots - Red Dead Online Gameplay
Down To Flock - Duck Dynasty Funny Moments
You Would Even Say It Blows - Worst Games Ever Gameplay
Hind Sighting - Eye Tracker Funny Moments
Half Cocked - Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Gameplay
Tour de Force - Star Wars Games w/ Cameron Monaghan
Imitation Games - Best Knock Offs of 2019 Funny Moments
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Things to Do - Jan 31-Feb 2

Weekly posts are baaaack! This is the catch-up post to bring us into February and you can look for posts on Sunday nights for the upcoming week.
If you liked the monthly list, the link to it is in the Other Things to Do Links at the bottom of this list. As always, please share events I missed in the comments of this thread.

Multi-day Weekend Events

Dallas Boat Expo | Jan 31-Feb 2 | | Market Hall | $12
Salome Opera-in-Concert | Jan 31, Feb 2 | Meyerson Symphony Center | $49 - $169
Star Wars, Parody & Pop Culture Free 3 Day Art Event | Jan 31-Feb 2 | Dallas Marriott | Free
Alice in Wonderland Free 3 Day Art Event | Jan 31-Feb 2 | Dallas Marriott | Free
My Hero Convention: Texas Smash | Jan 31-Feb 2 | Irving Convention Center |$25 and up
Anime Dallas | Jan 31-Feb 2 | Esports Stadium Arlington & Expo Center | $60 Weekend Pass
Cirque Italia Water Circus | Jan 30-Feb 2 | Town East Mall, Mesquite | $25 and up
Helen Hong | Jan 30-Feb 2 | Hyena’s Dallas | Free Thursday with RSVP, $15 and up
Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo | Til Feb 8 | Will Rogers Memorial Ctr, Fort Worth | $12 & up

Local Exhibits

Red Lanterns in Neiman Marcus Court at NorthPark Center through Feb 8
Red Lantern Display at Galleria Dallas Ice Rink through Feb 10
Lucha Libre 2020 at Oak Cliff Cultural Center through Feb 15
Kinsey Collection at the African American Museum through March 1
Violence and Defiance at the Dallas Museum of Art through March 8
Punk Noir at South Dallas Cultural Center through March 21
Ruckus Rodeo at The Modern, Fort Worth through March 29
Barry X Ball: Remaking Sculpture at the Nasher Sculpture Center through April 19
Hip Squares at The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art through April 26
Beili Liu: One and Another at Crow Museum of Asian Art through August 16

Local Theatre

Imagine Broadway | Jan 30-Feb 1 | Theatre Three
Zombie, Dearest | Jan 3 - Feb 15 | Pocket Sandwich Theatre
The Drowsy Chaperone | Jan 30 - Feb 23 | Firehouse Theater, Farmers Branch
Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time | Jan 9 - Feb 1 | Rover Dramawerks, Plano
Frank-N-Friend | Jan 31 - Feb 16 | Casa Mañana, Fort Worth
To Be Young, Gifted & Black | Jan 24 - Feb 23 | Jubilee Theatre, Fort Worth
Ada and the Engine | Jan 9 to Feb 9 | Stage West, Fort Worth

Daily Things to Do - Jan 31-Feb 2

Friday, 1/31
Friday Night Stand-Up: Paul Varghese at Dallas Comedy House
Tayla Parx at House of Blues
Lloyd Cole: From Rattlesnakes to Guesswork 2020 Tour at The Kessler
Beat Root Revival at Poor David’s Pub
Maldita Vecindad at The Bomb Factory
Prospère, A Photo-Art Exhibit Charity Gala at Hall Arts Hotel
Delfos Danza Contemporánea at Winspear Opera House
Cheat Codes Live Performance at Theory (Uptown)
Michael Salgado at New West Dallas
The Kingston Trio at Arlington Music Hall
Piano Battle at Eisemann Center, Richardson
Chaka Khan at Winstar World Casino, Thackerville, Oklahoma
Today is National Hot Chocolate Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Saturday, 2/1
Dallas Mavericks vs. Atlanta Hawks at American Airlines Center
Free First Saturdays at the Nasher Sculpture Center
Crow Museum's 21st annual Chinese New Year Festival at NorthPark Center Canceled
The Stuff 35mm (film) + Live Music from Nervous Curtains & Black Taffy at Texas Theatre
Letters To My Beginnings at Clarence Muse Cafe Theater, Black Academy of Arts and Letters
The Blvd – A Scale Model Lowrider Show at Deep Ellum Art Co
The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute at The Majestic
Paula Atherton & Julian Vaughn at Bishop Arts Theatre Center
CRUEligans at Granada Theater
Emo Nite Dallas at Lizard Lounge
A Giant Dog at Three Links
Netherfriends at Ruins
Paper Piel by Jimena Bermejo & Chris Brokaw at the Latino Cultural Center,
Frost Fest at Ranchview High School, Irving
Neal McCoy at Arlington Music Hall
Pat Green at Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth

Sunday, 2/2
It’s Groundhog Day!
Groundhog Day Sunrise Ceremony with Arboretum Annie at the Dallas Arboretum
Hookah & Mimosas at The Island Spot
The Sweet Lillies at Deep Ellum Art Co
Electric Guest at Trees
Industry Night at Punk Society
Sunday Social at Gator’s Dallas
Olympic Pride, American Prejudice (film) at the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
Super Bowl LIV
San Fran 49ers vs. KC Chiefs at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL
Watch Parties
Big Game Watch Party at The Rustic (Facebook link)
Three Links Super Chili Bowl VI at Three Links
The BIG Game Watch Party 2020 at Gas Monkey Live
Super Bowl Tailgate Party at Hero
Big Game Watch Party at Happiest Hour!
Big Game Watch Party at Granada Theater
Big Game Watch Party at Scout (Statler Hotel)
49ers v. Chiefs Watch Party at Legacy Hall
Bulla Gastrobar, Plano
Big Game Day Watch Party at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels Dallas-Richardson
Super Bowl Watching Party + Buffet at Cool River, Irving
Big Game Bash 54 Watch Party at Texas Live!, Arlington
Today is National Tater Tot Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Other Lists of Things to Do:

Culture Map Dallas Calendar
Plan Your Week from Dallas Voice, The Premier Media Source for LGBT Texas
Do214 Top Picks
This Week’s Beer Events from
Dallas News Events (This page is not paywalled.)
If you liked seeing the whole month in advance, click here to see it on
submitted by JustMeInBigD to Dallas [link] [comments]

[US][SELLING]Many Individual Volumes of Manga/Anime [W]$2.75 each Paypal

Most of the manga are in the grade range of G2-G4. Some of the manga have parenthetical notes about their condition and are generally in G1-G3 condition. Ex-library manga are automatically G1 regardless of their condition. I'm selling these manga cheaply enough that I don't want to answer 20 questions about each book.
I also have a small amount of anime available for the same price. Anime are either new in shrinkwrap or used but tested. Each one is subtitled or dubbed in English. Some of them are numbered, while others aren't. I include the episode numbers when I think it will clarify things.
18+ manga (either non-yaoi or yaoi) is separated from the rest of the manga.
After we agree to what you're buying in the thread, I'll need you to PM me your email address. Then I'll send you a paypal invoice.

  1. Manga/anime cost $2.75 each.
  2. If you buy 5 or fewer manga, you must pay an additional $3.50 for shipping and handling.
  3. If you buy 6 or more manga, I will waive the shipping fee. As long as supplies last, I will add a free bonus manga sampler or graphic novel sampler.
  4. No international shipping.
  5. If you live in Pennsylvania, please tell me in your PM. I have to charge 7% sales tax. Because I live in Allegheny County, it's 7% regardless of which part of Pennsylvania you live in.

* Starred manga are larger than normal, which matters if your shelves only have so much space. Smaller manga are NOT starred.

Akihabara Geeks
Alien Nine Collector's Series
Angel Sanctuary Enhanced Edition
Angelic Layer: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Arc the Lad: 5 [episodes 17-21]
Armored Trooper VOTOMS [episodes 14-27]
Aura Battler Dunbine: 7 [episodes 26-29]
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: 1 [episodes 1-5]
Basilisk: 2 [episodes 5-8] (The box is kind of slanted.), 3 [episodes 9-12], 6 [episodes 21-24]
Beck Mongolian Chop Squad: 1 [episodes 1-5], 3 [episodes 11-14], 4 [episodes 15-18]
Black Jack episode 8
Casino Warrior Zero: 2 [episodes 5-8]
Corrector Yui [episodes 11-14]
Cyber City episode 2
Dangaizer 3: 1
DNA: 2 [episodes 4-6]
Ex-Driver: 1
Fairy Reins
Fight!! Spirit of the Sword
Final Fantasy Unlimited: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Fleet of Doom [Voltron movie]
Fruits Basket: 1 [episodes 1-6]
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: 2 [episodes 5-7], 4 [episodes 11-13]
Geneshaft: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Getter Robo Armageddon: Transfiguration
Godannar!!: 6 [episodes 21-23]
Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter
Green Green: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Grenadier: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Hades Project Zeorymer Extinction
Hammerboy Collector's Series
His and Her Circumstances: 4 [episodes 17-21]
Huntik: 1 [episodes 1-7]
I Shall Never Return
I'll/CKBC Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club [episodes 1-2]
Idol Project: 1 [episodes 1-2], 2 [episodes 3-4]
Initial D: 2 [episodes 4-6]
Jubei-Chan The Ninja Girl The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch Complete Series
Kodocha: 11 [episodes 41-44]
Magical Witch Punie-Chan
Mirage of Blaze: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Mushi-Shi The Movie [live action]
Noir: 1 [episodes 1-5]
Now and Then, Here and There: Bonus Disc
Oh My Goddess: 4 [episodes 15-18], 5 [episodes 19-22]
Onimusha Dawn of Dreams
Orphen: 5 [episodes 15-19]
Otogi Zoshi: 1 [episodes 1-5]
Peach Girl: 1 [episodes 1-5], 6 [episodes 22-25]
Queen's Blade: 2 [episodes 5-8, OVA episodes 3-4]
Rahxephon: 2
Rave Master: 2 [episodes 3-5]
Revolutionary Girl Utena: 3 [episodes 14-17], 5 [episodes 21-23], 8 [episodes 31-33] (medium rip in slip cover)
Robotech: 14 [episodes 80-85]
Sakura Wars The Movie
Samurai 7: 4 [episodes 13-16], 7 [episodes 24-26]
Samurai Jack The Premiere Movie
School Rumble: 6 [episodes 23-26]
Sentimental Journey [complete series, 2 dvds]
Seven of Seven: 1 [episodes 1-5], 2 [episodes 6-11]
Shadow Star Narutaru: 1 [episodes 1-4]
Shuffle!: 6 [episodes 21-24]
Slam Dunk: 3 [episodes 11-15]
SoltyRei: 1 [episodes 1-6]
The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear
The Goku Sen: 1 [episodes 1-5]
The Twelve Kingdoms: 2, 6
The Weathering Continent (warped front matter)
Trinity Blood: 2 [episodes 5-8], 3 [episodes 9-12]
Tsubasa: 3 [episodes 11-14], 5 [episodes 19-22], 6 [episodes 23-26], 9 [episodes 37-40]
URDA The Third Reich
Witchblade: 4
Ys: 2
Zone of the Enders Dolores, i: 4

18+ Manga: (non-yaoi; a couple are 16+, but in series that are usually 18+)
7th Garden: 6
Astral Project: 1
Battle Vixens: 1 (small rip)
Between The Sheets
Blade of the Immortal: 1*
Blood Sucker: 2, 4 (moderate shelfwear)
Blood the Last Vampire 2002* [one shot] (2: 1 with several small creases, 1 slightly bent at spine)
Category Freaks: 1 (2 copies, 1 pretty scuffed up)
Death At Death's Door: 1 (2 copies)
Dogs Prelude: 0*
Doll: 1 (hardback, moderate wear on slip cover), 3 (a couple small creases)
Flowers & Bees: 2
Happy Mania: 5, 8 (2 copies)
Hey Princess (small rip, spine stress)
High School of the Dead: 1
Jormungand: 4* (a page is ripped and creased)
Kami-kaze: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small rips), 4
Kannazuki No Miko: 1
Kikaider 02: 4
King of Wolves [one shot]
Maico 2010: 1 (2 copies, 1 with small rip), 4
Omamori Himari: 1, 4
Ooku The Inner Chambers: 5 (ex-library, dirty)
Orfina: 1*
Remote: 2, 3 (2 copies), 4 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Sacred: 1
Samurai Harem Asu No Yoichi: 2
Sensual Phrase: 1-2
Steel Angel Kurumi: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers, tiny stain)
Strawberry 100%: 9
Sword of the Dark Ones: 1
Sword's Edge: 1* (severe shelfwear, small stain, tiny stain, small rip)
Testarotho: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 4
The Dead Boy Detectives
The Young Magician: 1 (2 copies, 1 with slight-to-moderate yellowing), 3
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World: 2 (moderate shelfwear, several creases)
Tokko: 1 (moderate shelfwear, medium stain, slightly warped at 1 corner, creases/rips on spine, several small creases)
Tokyo Zombie*
Triage X: 1 (a couple large creases, small hole)
Warriors of Tao: 1 (2 copies, 1 slightly dirty)
Welcome to the N.H.K.: 2 (small stain, slightly warped at front of book, a couple small creases)
Yubisaki Milk Tea: 1 (slightly bent)

18+ Manga: (yaoi)
A Foreign Love Affair [one shot]
Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss* [one shot]
Barefoot Waltz* [one shot]
Because I'm a Boy [one shot]
Black Knight: 2 (moderate shelfwear)
...but, I'm Your Teacher [one shot]
Crazy Star* [one shot] (slightly bent)
Croquis [one shot] (sticker residue)
Dark Prince: 3
Delivery Cupid [one shot] (large crease)
Don't Be Cruel: 8
Don't Rush Love [one shot]
Don't Say Any More, Darling [one shot]
Duetto* [one shot]
Gerard & Jacques: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Hanky Panky [one shot]
Hero Heel: 1* (2 copies)
I Can't Stop Loving You: 1-2
Invisible Love* [one shot]
J-Boy: 1*
June Pride [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty)
Junior Escort* [one shot]
Just My Luck [one shot] (slightly dirty)
Kashinfu* [one shot]
Kiss All the Boys: 1 (multiple creases)
Little Butterfly: 2*
Love Circumstances [one shot]
Love Code* [one shot] (some browning on inside covers)
Love Pistols: 1
Lovers in the Night [one shot] (several small creases)
Loving Gaze* [one shot]
Man's Best Friend [one shot]
Meeting You [one shot]
Melted Love* [one shot]
My Paranoid Next Door Neighbor [one shot]
Our Kingdom*: 5
Passion: 1*, 2*, 3*
Pet on Duty [one shot]
Picnic* [one shot]
Poison Cherry Drive [one shot] (slightly bent)
Sensitive Pornograph* [one shot]
Shining Moon* [one shot] (slight browning on inside covers)
Shinobu Kokoro [one shot]
Skyscrapers of Oz [one shot]
The Art of Loving: 1* (2 copies, 1 with tiny stain and a few wrinkles, 1 slightly warped)
The Crimson Spell: 1
The Devil's Secret [one shot]
The Moon and the Sandals: 1*, 2*
The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy [one shot]
The Sky Over My Spectacles [one shot]
The World's Greatest Love: 2 (slightly warped)
Thunderbolt Boys: 1
Truly Kindly [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, small rip/crease)
Waru* [one shot]
Wild Rock [one shot] (small rip)
Yaoi An Anthology of Boys Love Stories: 2
Yellow: 1* (slightly bent, moderate yellowing, slightly dirty)
Yokan: 1, 2 (slight browning on inside covers)
You Will Fall in Love [one shot] (small rip)

Regular Manga:
+Anima: 1 (medium crease, some writing), 2 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small rip), 3
07-Ghost: 1, 2 (ex-library, peeling plastic), 3-4, 6
10, 20, and 30: 1
13th Boy: 2* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
20th Century Boys: 4* (ex-library, somewhat dirty), 5* (ex-library, slightly dirty)
7 Billion Needles: 1 (slightly bent at spine)
9th Sleep* [one shot]
u/Large: 2
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: 2
A Midnight Opera: 1 (significant shelwear, medium rip), 2 (significant shelfwear)
A Perfect Day for Love Letters: 1
A Wise Man Sleeps: 2 (small rip)
Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade: 2
Absolute Boyfriend: 1-3
AI Love You: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3 (medium crease), 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 7 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
AI Revolution: 1
AI Yori Aoshi: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3-4
Aion: 1, 3
Airgear: 1 (moderate yellowing at edges of pages)
Aishiteruze Baby: 4
Alice 19th: 1-3, 5 (slightly bent), 6-7
Alice in the Country of Hearts: 1 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several tiny creases), 3
Alice on Deadlines: 1
Alichino: 1-3
Alien Nine: 1
Alive: 3 (ex-library)
Amazing Agent Luna: 1-2
Amnesia Labyrinth: 1
Amulet: 1*
Angel Cup: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 4 (moderate shelfwear)
Angel Diary: 4* (large crease), 6* (several small creases)
Angel Sanctuary: 1, 2 (back cover is scraped up), 3
Angel/Dust* [one shot]
Angel/Dust Neo* [one shot] (moderate shelfwear)
Angelboy: 1*
Angelic Layer: 1 (several small creases), 2, 4 (faded spine, moderate shelfwear)
Ani-lmo: 1, 5
Anne Freaks: 1-2, 4 (medium-to-large crease)
Antique Bakery: 1*, 3* (significant shelfwear, multiple creases, small stain, small rip)
Aoi House: 1
Aoi House in Love: 1 (some yellowing of inside cover), 2 (some yellowing of inside cover)
Aquarian Age Juvenile Orion: 1-3, 5
Arana The Heart of the Spider: 1
Arata the Legend: 5 (ex-library)
Arcana: 2
Archlord: 1 (ex-library)
Are You Alice?: 1 (ex-library, wavy, dirty, small rip, significant shelfwear)
Aria: 1
Aria: 2
Arisa: 1 (pretty creased up covers)
Ark Angels: 1-2
Armageddon: 1-2
Aron's Absurd Armada: 1* (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small rip)
Arpeggio of Blue Steel: 1
Artemis Fowl [one shot]*
Assembly [one shot]
Astro Boy: 1 (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing, several small creases, plastic peeling at edges of covers), 9 (moderate yellowing, medium crease)
Attack on Titan: 1, 13 (small-to-medium crease)
Avalon Hill Coronation: 1, 2, 3 (creases in both covers)
Avatar the Last Airbender: The Promise Part 2*
Avatar the Last Airbender Cine-manga: 1
Aventura: 1 (ex-library), 3
Azumanga Daioh: 1*
Baby Birth: 1-2
Babymouse: 12* (bent)
Backstage Prince: 1-2
Bad Kitty: 1
Bakegyamon: 4 (slightly bent), 5 (slightly bent)
Ballad of a Shinigami: 1
Bamboo Blade: 1-3, 6
Banya the Explosive Delivery Man: 2 (spine stress)
Battle Girlz: 2
B.B. Explosion: 4
Beast Master: 1
Beauty is the Best: 4 (ex-library), 5 (ex-library)
Beauty Pop: 2
Because I'm the Goddess: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Beet: 3 (several creases, tiny stain), 4 (medium rip, medium crease), 5 (bent at spine, multiple creases, couple small rips, back cover bent)
Beyblade: 2 (several small creases)
Beyond the Beyond: 1-2
Bird Kiss: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Bizenghast: 1-3
Bizenghast The Novel
Black Beauty* (ex-library?)
Black Bird: 1-2
Black Cat: 1 (a little plastic peeling at the edges of the covers), 2-3, 4 (writing/coloring, small-to-medium crease), 5 (medium crease, multiple small creases, 2 small rips), 18, 19
Black Sun Silver Moon: 1, 4
Blade of Heaven: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several small creases, small rip)
Blame: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, several tiny creases, small rip)
Blank: 1 (spine stress)
Blank Slate: 1 (slight browning on inside covers)
Bleach: 1 (tiny stain), 2 (several small creases), 4 (small crease, medium gouge), 5 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 6, 7 (a few creases), 8 (slightly bent at spine, medium crease), 10-11, 14, 16, 19 (a couple creases), 20, 36 (ex-library, small stain, medium crease)
Blood Alone: 2, 3 (piece of tape or something in the middle of the book)
Bloody Kiss: 2
Bloody Monday: 3 (ex-library, large crease), 5 (ex-library)
Blue Exorcist: 1-2
Blue Inferior: 1
Blue Monday: The Kids Are Alright*
BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo [one shot] (moderate shelfwear, slight-to-moderate yellowing)
B.O.D.Y.: 2 (small rip)
Bogle: 1-2
Bombos Vs. Everything: 1
Bone: 1* (slightly bent at spine), 2*, 5* (slightly bent at spine, small rip)
Bound Beauty: 2 (ex-library, significant shelfwear)
Bow Wow Wata: 1
Boy Princess: 9
Boys Be: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2-3
Boys of Summer: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Brain Powered: 1 (several small creases), 3 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Bran Doll [one shot]
Brave* (stained at bottom of book, several creases)
Bride of the Water God: 1*
Brigadoon: 1 (moderate shelfwear, several creases), 2 (ex-library)
Bring it On!: 2*, 4*
Broken Angels: 1-2, 4 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Burst Angel: 2
Bus Gamer 1999-2001 The Pilot Edition (moderate shelfwear)
Buso Renkin: 1 (several creases, gouges, and the subscription card is cut out), 2 -3
Butterfly: 1
By the Sword: 1-2
Cactus's Secret: 1
Cafe Latte Rhapsody [one shot] (some plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Cafe Occult: 1-2
Calling You: 1 (medium cut through back cover and several pages)
Camp Midnight*
Can't Lose You: 1
Cantarella: 1
Captain Nemo: 1
Captive Hearts: 1 (bent), 2, 4 (small dent, medium crease), 5
Cardcaptor Sakura: 1 (ex-library), 3 [pocket edition], 5
Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (significant shelfwear, large crease, and 2 medium creases), 3, 6 (multiple creases, small dent)
Cardcaptors [cine-manga]: 6
Cardfight!! Vanguard: 2, 6 (last page stuck to back cover)
Case Closed: 1, 13 [hardback] (ex-library), 31 (ex-library, a couple small rips), 49 (ex-library)
Castle of Dreams [anthology] (moderate shelfwear, a couple small rips, slightly dirty)
Cat Paradise: 2 (light spine stress), 4 (small rip)
Central City: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Ceres Celestial Legend: 1, 2 (2 small rips), 3, 4* (medium-to-large crease), 5-6
Cheeky Angel: 1-2, 5 (some creasing in back cover)
Cherry Juice: 3 (several creases)
Chibi Vampire: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear), 6 (significant shelfwear), 12 (significant shelfwear, 2 small rips, slightly dirty)
Chobits: 1, 2 (light spine stress, a couple small creases, a few gouges), 3-5
Chronicles of the Cursed Sword: 1-2, 3, 5 (slightly bent), 6-13, 14 (small rip), 15
Chrono Crusade: 1, 7
Chunchu The Genocide Fiend: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (significant shelfwear)
Cirque Du Freak: 1 [Special Scholastic Edition], 8 (ex-library)
Clamp School Defenders Duklyon: 1 (medium stain)
Clamp School Detectives: 1 (several tiny creases, plastic starting to peel at edges of covers)
Clan of the Nakagamis*
Clay: 1
Claymore: 1 (ex-library)
Clean-Freak Fully Equipped: 1
Click: 1
Club 9: 1* (creases, slightly dirty)
Code Breaker: 2
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion: 1
Cold Mountain*
Colosseum: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Comic: 4* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Comic Party: 1, 4
Comic Party Another Round: 2 (slightly bent)
Comic Party Party Time: 1
Complex Age: 1* (small rip, small wrinkles in spine)
Confessions of a Blabbermouth* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Confidential Confessions: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Confidential Confessions Deal: 1
Corrector Yui: 1
Countdown 7 Days: 1
Courtney Crumrin: 1*
Cowboy Bebop: 1 (moderate shelfwear, tiny stain)
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star: 1
Crazy Love Story: 4 (ex-library, significant shelfwear, creases)
Crescent Moon: 1 (significant wear, creases, and rips), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (small rip)
Crimson Hero: 3
Croquis Pop: 4 (ex-library)
Cross: 1
Cross Break: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Crossroad: 3, 6
Crown: 1, 2 (slightly bent)
Culdcept: 1, 2 (rip/dent in the bottom of the book), 3-4
Cy-Believers: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3
D. Gray-Man: 1 (slightly bent at spine, several small gouges, several small creases), 2 (small rip), 10
Daemonium: 1
Daniel X: 1* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Dark Angel: 1 (creases in covers), 3
Dark Edge: 8
Dark Goodbye: 1 (couple small creases)
Dark Metro: 1 (small rip)
Dark Moon Diary: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Dawn of the Arcana: 5 (ex-library), 11 (ex-library)
Dazzle: 1-3, 6 (2 medium creases)
Dead End: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip), 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Deadman Wonderland: 1
Dear Myself* [one shot]
DearS: 1 (small rip), 2, 4
Death Jam: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear, 2 large stains, slightly warped at back of book), 3
Death Note: 1
Degrassi the Next Generation Extra Credit: 3-4
Delicious Seasons: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Deltora Quest: 6 (large crease)
Demon City Shinjuku: 1
Demon Diary: 1-3, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5, 6 (wrinkles in spine)
Demon Flowers: 3
Demon Love Spell: 1, 6
Demon Sacred: 1 (small rip), 2
Descendants of Darkness: 4
Desert Coral: 1-2
Destiny's Hand: 1
Detective Jermain: 1 (ex-library, slightly bent)
Deus Vitae: 1-2
Devil Survivor: 1 (ex-library, several creases), 2
Devil's Bride: 1
Devils and Realist: 1-2
Di Gi Charat: 1-2, 3 (gray line on cover)
Di Gi Charat Theater Leave it to Piyoko: 1
Digiko's Champion Cup Theater (smudges/fading on back cover)
Dimension W: 1, 5, 7
Disgaea 2: 1
Disney Fairies: Vidia and the Fairy Crown (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Divine Melody: 1* (very bent, slightly dirty)
DNAgents: 1*
DNAngel: 1-3, 4 (ex-library, significant shelfwear), 5-6, 10-11
Do Whatever You Want: 2
Dobeki Bride: 5
Dogby Walks Alone: 1
Dojin Work: 1
Dokkoida?:: 1
Dolls: 1
Doubt!!: 1 (wrinkled plastic), 2, 4
Dragon Ball: 4
Dragon Ball Z: 1 (a few small rips), 2 (small stain, a couple small creases)
Dragon Drive: 1
Dragon Eye: 4
Dragon Hunter: 1-5
Dragon Knights: 1-7
Dragon Voice: 1
Dramacon: 1-3
Dream Gold Knights in the Dark City: 1
Dream Saga: 3 (significant shelfwear, many creases, 2 small rips)
DVD: 1 (small rip, dent, and crease in front cover), 2
E's: 1-3, 4 (2 medium-to-large creases, 2 small rips)
Earthlight: 1 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear)
East Coast Rising: 1
Eensy Weensy Monster: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Eerie Queerie: 1-2, 3 (ex-library)
El Deafo* (small rip)
Element Line: 1-2, 4
Elemental Gelade: 1 (moderate shelfwear, some writing), 8
Elf Quest The Grand Quest: 1, 5 (ex-library, small stain, peeling plastic, creases), 6
Emma: 3 (ex-library, moderate yellowing, small rip), 5 (ex-library, medium and 2 small stains)
Emperor's Castle: 1
Enchanter: 1*, 2*
Enmusu: 1
ES Eternal Sabbath: 1, 3
Et Cetera: 1-5
Eureka Seven: 1 (slightly dirty), 5 (slightly dirty)
Evil's Return: 1-2
Evyione Ocean Fantasy: 1* (slightly bent)
Excel Saga: 1 (tape on corners of covers), 2-3, 4 (small-to-medium crease)
Eyeshield 21: 6 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 11 (major crease), 18 (medium stain, slightly warped), 19 (tiny rip)
Faeries' Landing: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfewear), 5-7
Fairy Cube: 1 (many dog-eared pages), 3
Fairy Navigator Runa: 1 (ex-library, slight browning on inside covers, slightly dirty)
Fairy Tail: 1 (large crease), 52 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, creases)
Fake: 3, 4 (laminated covers), 6
Fall in Love Like a Comic: 1 (slight yellowing on inside covers), 2 (slight yellowing on inside covers)
Figure 17: 1 (ex-library), 2
Final Fantasy Type-0 [Loot Crate Exclusive]
Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story The Ice Reaper: 1
Firefighter! Diego of Fire Company M: 10, 14
First Love Monster: 7
Flame of Recca: 1 (a couple small rips), 2
FLCL: 1 (slightly dirty, a couple tiny creases), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Flock of Angels: 1 (small dent in spine)
Flower of the Deep Sleep: 1 (noticeable spine stress), 2
Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll: 2, 4
Fool's Gold: 1
Forbidden Dance: 1-3
Forbidden Scrollery: 1*
Forget About Love: 1
Formera: 1* (ex-library, bent at spine, several creases, several small rips)
Four-Eyed Prince: 2
Foxy Lady: 1
Freak Legend of the Nonblondes: 1
Free Collars Kingdom: 1
Free Runners: 1 (slight browning on inside covers)
From Far Away: 2 (spine stress)
Fruits Basket:1 (slightly bent at spine), 2 (slightly bent at spine), 4 (slightly warped at back of book, moderate shelfwear, medium crease), 6, 9
Fubar: 6*
Fujoshi Rumi: 1
Full House: 3
Full Metal Panic Overload: 1 (plastic starting to peel on front cover), 3, 5
Full Metal Panic!: 1 (moderate yellowing, small stain, dirty, a little plastic peeling on covers)
Full Moon: 1
Fullmetal Alchemist: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers), 2, 4 (several creases), 5 (large crease), 9, 11 (slightly bent at spine)
Fullmetal Alchemist [Light Novels]: 1 (slightly dirty)
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden: 1, 4 (medium crease)
Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play: 1, 2 (slightly dirty), 3* (bent at spine, medium stain), 5*, 6*, 8* (multiple creases), 10 (ex-library, staples, creases, shelfwear), 11 (ex-library, slightly bent at spine, several creases), 12 (bent), 13 (ex-library, several creases)
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class: 1*
Gaba Kawa (front 10% of book is "wavy" from water damage)
Gacha Gacha: 1-3
Gakuen Alice: 1, 11, 15
Gakuen Prince: 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3
Galaxy Angel: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (significant spine stress and small rip in spine)
Galaxy Angel Beta: 1 (ex-library with creases)
Gamerz Heaven: 1-2
Garden Dreams: 1* (slightly bent)
Gatcha Gacha: 1-2
Gate [by Hirotaka Kisaragi]: 1
Gate Keepers: 1-2
Genshiken: 1, 3, 7 (wavy at back of book)
Gestalt: 1, 5
Get Backers: 1 (significant creasing in both covers), 2-3, 5
Ghosts* [one shot] (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small creases, slightly dirty)
Gimmick!: 4
Gin Tama: 4 (slight yellowing)
Girl Got Game: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2, 3
Girls Bravo: 2, 7 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, multiple creases, corners of covers are coming apart)
Glass Wings [one shot]
Go West: 1
Godchild: 1-3
Gon: 5 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear, ex-library)
Good as Lily* (moderate shelfwear)
Good Luck: 1, 2 (spine stress)
Goong the Royal Palace: 1* (ex-library, creases, peeling plastic on covers)
Gorgeous Carat: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4 (slightly bent)
Gothic Sports: 1 (moderate shelfewar, small-to-medium piece ripped off back cover), 2
Grand Guignol Orchestra: 1, 2 (tiny stain)
Gravitation: 1-3, 5 (moderate shelfwear, medium crease)
Gravitation Voice of Temptation [light novel] (moderate shelfwear)
GTO Great Teacher Onizuka: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Guardian Angel Getten: 3-4
Guardian Hearts: 1
Gunparade March: 1-3
Gunslinger Girl: 1-3
Guru Guru Pon-Chan: 1-2, 8 (ex-library)
Gyakushu!: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
.hack Legend of the The Twilight: 1-3
Haibane Renmei: 1
Haiyuki: 1
Hana-kimi: 1-3, 4 (several creases), 6-11
Hanami International Love Story: 1
Hanaukyo Maid Team: 1-3 [All of these are a slightly smaller size than normal]
Hand of the Morningstar: 5
Hands Off!: 1, 2 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear on spine), 3, 7 (ex-library, significant shelfwear, many creases, small pieces ripped off corners of pages)
Hannah Montana Secrets and Super Sneaks Cine-Manga (significant shelfwear, small creases)
Happy Cafe: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Happy Happy Clover: 1, 3
Happy Hustle High: 1-4, 5 (several small creases)
Happy Lesson: 1
Harlequin Violet Blind Date
Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time: 1, 2 (slight browning on inside covers)
Harukaze Bitter Bop: 1
Haunted House [one shot] (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Hayate the Combat Butler: 1 (ex-library, peeling plastic, several creases), 2, 16
Hayate X Blade: 4-5
He Is My Master: 1
He's My Only Vampire: 10 (slightly bent)
Heaven's Will [one shot]
Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo: 2
Hellgate London: 1 (tiny stain on 1 page)
Hellsing: 3 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases)
Her Majesty's Dog: 1 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing, several small creases, small rip)
Here is Greenwood: 2 (bent at spine), 3 (small rip), 4
Hero Tales: 2, 5 (ex-library, faded spine, slightly bent at spine)
Heroman: 3
Hetalia: 1* (bent at spine)
Hibiki's Magic: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2
High School Debut: 1, 7 (moderate yellowing, medium crease)
High School Girls: 1, 3
Higurashi When They Cry Abducted By Demons Arc: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Hikarou No Go: 1-2, 7 (ex-library), 19 (ex-library), 21 (ex-library)
Hikkatsu: 2 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear)
Hinadori Girl: 1
Hissing: 1* (smudges), 2* (dirty), 5*
Hollow Fields: 1-2
Honey and Clover: 5 (ex-library), 9 (ex-library, browning on inside covers)
Honey Hunt: 1 (slight browning of inside covers), 2
Honey Mustard: 1 (medium crease in back cover), 2-3
Hopeless Savages: 1* (ex-library, large crease, medium crease), 3* (ex-library, significant shelfwear, medium-to-large crease, medium rip taped together)
Hoshin Engi: 1
Hot Gimmick: 1-9, 12 (tiny stain)
House of Five Leaves: 8* (ex-library)
Howl's Moving Castle: 1
Hybrid Child* [one shot]
Hyde Closer: 1-3
Hyper Dolls: 1* (moderate shelfwear)
Hyper Police: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2
Hyper Rune: 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
I Am Princess X [Light Novel] (moderate shelfwear, many creases)
I Hate You More Than Anyone!: 6 (slightly bent)
I Luv Halloween: 1-2
I"s:2 (medium-to-large crease), 14
I"s:1, 2 (medium stain), 3, 7, 10, 12
I, Otaku Struggle in Akihabara: 1 (slightly brown inside covers), 2 (slightly brown inside covers)
I-Doll: 1
Ichiroh!: 1*
Id_entity: 1 (small rip, moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3-6
Il Gatto Sul G: 2*
Imadoki!: 1 (several creases), 2, 3-5
Immortal Rain: 1, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, slight yellowing), 4 (slight yellowing)
Imperfect Hero: 1, 3 (moderate yellowing)
In Dream World: 1-2
Indian Summer: 1
Initial D: 19 (ex-library, significant shelfwear, dirty)
Innocent W: 2 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Instant Teen: 1
Insufficient Direction [one shot]*
Inubaka Crazy for Dogs: 1 (ex-library, several small/medium creases)
Inukami: 1
Inuyasha: 1 (large crease), 2 (moderate yellowing), 3, 5-6, 13-18, 19 (several small creases), 43 (ex-library)
Inuyasha Ani-Manga: 3, 10 (slightly bent at one corner, a couple slightly dirty pages), 14 (a couple slightly dirty pages)
INVU: 1-3, 4 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear)
Itsuwaribito: 1-2
Jack Frost: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Jim Henson's Legends of the Dark Crystal: 1
Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth: 1
Jing King of Bandits: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear, several small rips), 3 (significant shelfwear, multiple creases, dirty, small rip)
Jinki Extend: 1-2
Jiu Jiu: 1
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: 7 (several creases)
Juline: 1* (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Junk Force: 1-2, 3 (medium crease, shelfwear at top and bottom of spine, slightly bent at one corner)
Junk Record of the Last Hero: 1, 5, 7
Juror 13 [one shot]
Just a Girl: 2
K-on: 4* (ex-library, significant shelfwear, bent at spine, several creases, small rip)
Kagerou-Nostalgia: 1 (small gouges in front cover)
Kagetora: 1, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 3 (ex-library)
Kamen Tantei: 1, 3 (ex-library, creases, medium stain)
Kamichama Karin: 1 (warped, moderate shelfwear, tiny stain), 2, 3 (several creases), 4 (significant shelfwear, several creases), 5 (several small creases), 6 (moderate shelfwear), 7 (small rip)
Kamichama Karin Chu: 1
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne: 1, 4 (tiny stain), 5 [hardback] (ex-library), 6
Kamui: 1-2, 6 (slightly bent)
Kanna: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Kanpai: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small crease)
Karakuri Odette: 2 (ex-library), 6 (ex-library)
Kare First Love: 1-4, 8
Kare Kano: 3 (spine stress), 4 (large stain, moderate shelfwear, small rip), 5
Kashimashi: 1, 2 (2 large creases)
Kasumi: 1 (multiple small creases), 2 (marker)
Kat & Mouse: 1
Kaze Hikaru: 1, 10
Kedamono Damono: 2-3
Kekkaishi: 1 (small stain)
Key Princess Story Eternal Alice Rondo: 1-2
Kids Joker: 1
Kieli: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Kill Me, Kiss Me: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, several creases), 5 (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Kim Possible: 3
Kimi ni Todoke: 10 (ex-library, slightly bent at spine)
Kimikiss: 1
King of Cards: 1
King of Hell: 1-2, 5 (significant shelfwear, small stain, small rip)
King of RPGs: 2
King of the Lamp [one shot] (medium hole in front cover, small holes in first 22 pages - barely affects reading)
King of Thorn: 2 (ex-library)
Kingdom Hearts: 1 (medium crease), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, small piece ripped off spine)
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: 1 (significant shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, a couple small creases)
Kingdom Hearts II: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (slightly bent at spine, moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Kissing* [one shot]
Kitchen Princess: 1
Kodocha: 1
Koihime Soushi [one shot]
Kokoro Connect: 2
Kon Kon Kokon: 1
Kujibiki Unbalance: 1
Kurogane: 2 (moderate yellowing)
Kurogane Communication: 1
Kurozakuro: 2
Kyo Kara Maoh!: 1(warped, moderate shelfwear), 2, 3 (large but mostly invisible crease), 4 (moderate shelfwear)
La Corda d'Oro: 1, 6 (ex-library, slight-to-moderate yellowing)
La Esperanca: 1*
Laddertop: 1
Lagoon Engine: 1-2, 3 (small rip and small crease in front cover)
Lament of the Lamb: 1, 3 (moderate yellowing at edges)
Land of Silver Rain: 3 (slightly dirty, small crease), 7
Last Fantasy: 3-4
Last Hope: 1-2
Laya the Witch of Red Pooh: 1
LBX Little Battlers Experience: 6 (ex-library)
LDK: 1-2
Leader's High!: 1
Legal Drug: 1, 3 (large crease, small crease)
Legend: 1*, 3* (moderate shelfwear), 6*
Legend of Chun Hyang [one shot]
Legend of the Eight Dragon Gods: 1 (small rip in front cover)
Let's Dance a Waltz: 1 (ex-library, small rip, multiple small creases)
Liberty Liberty! [one shot]
Library Wars: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear), 4
Life: 1 (several small creases)
Lights out: 1
Liling-Po: 1-3, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (ex-library, several tiny rips)
Limit: 1
Little Queen: 1 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Lizzie McGuire Cine-manga: 6
Lost at Sea*
Lost Boys* [one shot]
Louie the Rune Soldier: 1 (2 small stains)
Love Attack: 1-2, 5-6
Love Com: 1, 3 (slight browning on inside covers), 5 (moderate browning on inside covers, some wrinkles in cover), 7, 16 (ex-library), 17 (ex-library)
Love Hina: 1-2, 3 (bent), 4, 5 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 6 (tiny stain), 9 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear), 14
Love Master A: 1
Love or Money: 1-2, 3 (small rip in front cover)
Love Roma: 1, 4, 5 (ex-library)
Loveholic: 1
Loveless: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (moderate shelfwear, moderate yellowing, medium crease), 4 [hardback] (ex-library), 5
Lucky Star: 1* (small stain, moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 3* (small stain, front of book is warped)
Made in Heaven: 1-2
Magic Knight Rayearth: 1 (small-to-medium crease, slightly dirty)
Magical JxR: 2* (moderate shelfwear, several small creases, small rip), 3* (large crease, small rip)
Magical X Miracle: 1-2
Mahoromomatic: 1 (moderate shelfwear, slightly dirty), 2 (a couple small creases), 3 (several small creases), 4
Maid Sama!: 3 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Maid Shokun: 1
Maid War Chronicle: 1
Maison Ikkoku: 1-4
Manga Dogs: 1
Maniac Road: 1
Maoh Juvenile Remix: 2
MAR Marchen Awakens Romance: 1-2
March on Earth: 1
Maria Holic: 1-2, 3 (significant creasing, moderate shelfwear), 4
Maria the Virgin Witch: 2-3
Marilyn the Story of a Woman* (medium stain, many creases, corners of covers coming apart)
Mark of the Succubus: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (small rip)
Marmalade Boy: 1-2
Mars: 6, 7 (moderate shelfwear)
Masca: 1
Maus: 1* (small rip), 2* (moderate shelfwear, small rip)
MBQ: 1
Me & My Brothers: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip, tiny creases), 2 (moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 5 (moderate shelfwear)
Megatokyo: 1-4, 5 (small stain)
Menkui!: 1
MeruPuri: 1, 2 (slight-to-moderate yellowing), 4
Metamo Kiss: 1 (moderate shelfwear)
Metro Survive: 2*
Midori Days: 5
Mikansei No. 1: 1-2
Miki Falls: 1 (small wavy spot, large creases, small rip, moderate shelfwear)
Millennium Snow: 1-2
Million Tears: 1 (medium stain, moderate shelfwear)
Minima: 1
Mink: 2, 4 (moderate shelfwear), 5 (significant shelfwear, bent at one corner, creases, small rips)
Miracle Girls: 3, 6
Missile Happy: 3 (small rip in spine)
Missing Kamikakushi No Monogatari: 1
Missions of Love: 10 (ex-library)
Mixed Vegetables: 2 (slightly bent, moderate browning of inside covers, large crease), 5 (moderate browning of inside covers), 8 (ex-library, large crease)
Mobile Fighter Gundam: 1 (slightly bent at spine, small rip)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: 2
Model: 1 (moderate shelfwear, wrinkles in spine), 2-5, 7 (moderate shelfwear, small rip, medium crease)
Momogumi Plus Senki: 3, 4 (ex-library)
Monkey High: 2
Monster Hunter Orage: 3
Monster Soul: 2
Moonlight Meow: 1 (slight yellowing of inside covers)
Mouryou Kiden: 2 (1 large crease, several smaller creases, and a little dirty)
Mouryoukiden Legend of the Nymph: 1-3
Moyasimon: 1
Mugen Spiral: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation: 1 (several tiny stains), 12 (ex-library, 2 medium creases), 14 (ex-library)
My Dead Girlfriend: 1 (significant shelfwear)
My Dearest Devil Princess: 1
My Girlfriend's a Geek: 1-2
My Heavenly Hockey Club: 1, 2 (medium crease), 3, 6 (moderate shelfwear)
My Love Story!!: 2
My Neighbor Totoro: 3-4
Nabari No Ou: 1, 4 (ex-library)
Nabi the Prototype [one shot] (slightly bent, moderate shelfwear)
Nadesico: 1
Najica Blitz Tactics: 1-3
Nana: 1 (stain on back cover), 21 (ex-library)
NaNaNaNa: 1 (bent at one corner, small-to-medium stain)
Naruto: 1 (tiny stain), 2, 3 (slightly dirty), 4, 6, 7 (slightly bent at spine), 18 (bent), 21 (large crease, wrinkled plastic on spine), 27, 28 (tiny stain), 30, 40 (slightly bent, several tiny stains, a couple small creases), 43, 44 (slightly bent)
Naruto The Movie Legend of the Stone of Gelel (gouges and pinhole in back cover)
Neck and Neck: 1-2
Negima: 1, 2 (medium stain, slightly warped), 3-7
Neko Ramen: 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2 (bent, multiple small creases), 11 (ex-library)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days: 1 (plastic peeling at edges of covers)
Neotopia: 1 (has staples)
Never Give Up: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Ng Life: 1-2, 4 (ex-library)
Night Head Genesis: 1
Night of the Beasts: 1 (significant shelfwear)
Nightschool: 1*
Ninja Girls: 1
Nisekoi: 1
No Man's Land: 1-2
No Need for Tenchi: 1-2
Nodame Cantabile: 1, 2 (tiny stain), 5 (tiny stain)
Noodle Fighter Miki: 1
Nora: 1-3
Nosatsu Junkie: 1-3
Now: 1-3, 4 (2 large creases), 5 (ex-library, very dirty, small stain, slightly wavy at back, 2 small rips)
Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan: 1-2
Ocean of Secrets: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
Odd is On Our Side (ex-library, moderate-to-significant shelfwear, small creases)
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakasi: 6
Off Beat: 1-2
Oh My God!: 1-2
Oh My Goddess!: 3 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, several small creases), 9*
Omukae Desu: 1 (small rip in spine)
On the Books* (small piece ripped off back cover and 1 page)
Once in a Blue Moon: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear)
One: 1-2, 7
One Piece: 1 (small rip), 2, 5 (2 medium stains, moderate yellowing, several creases), 21
One Thousand and One Nights: 1
Onegai Twins: 2 [light novel]
Only the Ring Finger Knows* (wrinkles in spine)
Orange Planet: 1
Oresama Teacher: 7, 13
Orphen: 2, 3 (some creasing in back cover), 4, 6
Otazine Manga of Otaku Generation: 0 (large crease, small rip)
Othello: 1-2
Otogi Zoshi: 1-2
Otomen: 1, 10 (ex-library), 15 (ex-library), 16 (ex-library)
Our Kingdom: 1*, 3*, 4*
Ouran High School Host Club: 1
Outlaws of the Marsh: 6
Oyayubihime Infinity: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Pandora Hearts: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4
Pandora Hearts Caucus Race [light novel]: 2 (ex-library)
Pandora in the Crimson Shell: 2-3
Pantheon High: 1 (large crease, writing on 1 page)
Para Para* [one shot] (medium crease, a few folded pages)
Paradise Kiss: 1 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4-5
Pastel: 1-3
Pavane for a Dead Girl: 1
Peace Maker: 1-2
Peacemaker Kurogane: 1 (slightly dirty, 2-3
Peach Fuzz: 1-2
Peach Girl: 1-2, 3 [pocket size], 4 [pocket size], 5 [pocket size], 6, 8 [pocket size]
Peach Girl Change of Heart: 2, 7-9
Peach Girl Sae's Story: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear, small rip)
Pearl Pink: 1-3
Peigenz: 3
Penguin Revolution: 1 (ex-library, moderate shelfwear, multiple creases), 2-6
Peppermint: 1 (moderate shelfwear), 2, 4
Persepolis 2*
Phantom Dream: 2, 3 (moderate shelfwear, tiny stain), 4 (ex-library), 5 (moderate shelfwear, several small creases)
Phantom Tales of the NIght: 1* (slightly bent, back cover is very dirty, several large creases)
Phantom Thief Jeanne: 1
PHD Phantasy Degree: 1, 2 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 4-5
Pichi Pichi Pitch: 2, 4, 5 (wrinkles in spine)
Pick of the Litter: 1 (multiple creases in both covers)
Pieces of a Spiral: 1, 4 (tiny stain), 7
Pig Bride: 2*
Pilgrim Jager: 1
Pink Innocent: 2
Pita-Ten: 1 (slightly scraped up), 2-4
Pixie Pop: 1
Planet Ladder: 1, 2 (slightly bent), 3-5
Platinum Garden: 1-2, 3 (light-to-moderate shelfwear), 6 (moderate-to-significant shelfwear)
Pokemon Adventures: 3 (slightly bent at spine)
Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum: 1, 3
Pokemon Adventures HeartGold and SoulSilver: 1
Pokemon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire: 17 (slightly bent at spine), 21, 22 (a couple small creases)
Pokemon Black and White: 1, 2 (moderate shelfwear)
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure: 1 (a couple small creases), 2 (medium stain, small stain, and a several small creases), 4, 5 (several tiny creases), 8 (slightly bent at spine, tiny stain, large crease, several small creases)
Pokemon The Movie Kyurem Vs. The Sword of Justice [one shot]
Pop Japan Travel - Essential Otaku Guide [one shot]
Popo Can: 1
President Dad: 1, 2 (ex-library, plastic book cover, medium crease), 3, 4 (ex-library, plastic book cover, several creases), 6 (ex-library)
Pretear The New Legend of Snow White: 2, 3 (a couple creases, plastic peeling at edges of covers)
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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 2019 - YouTube Gun's N Roses 3D Appetite for Democracy Isleta Casino adopts Hard Rock brand Hard Rock - YouTube Trying To Use Monopoly Money At A Vegas Casino! - YouTube Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Grand Re-opening - YouTube Hard Rock New Orleans Body - Red Tarp Failure - YouTube Jesse Cook at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Las Vegas - YouTube Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas - Amazing and Cheap!

With an unrivaled aesthetic and attention-to-detail apparent at every turn, Red Rock offers a refined resort experience—all amongst Las Vegas’ most striking setting. From award-winning accommodations to service as unwavering as the neighboring sandstone canyons, welcome to a casino experience, redefined. Welcome to Red Rock Resort. STN SPORTS Earn up to $100. Get The App! Boasting endless energy and an extensive menu, this fan-favorite Vegas cafe never sleeps. Make A Reservation. View Menu. Restaurant Info. American. Parties of 20+ 702.797.7525. Red Rock Resort Open 24 Hours. Round-the-Clock Eats . In a city that never sleeps, great eats shouldn’t either. Our coveted Grand Café is a Red Rock dining staple that serves up gourmet flavors for cafe prices, 24 ... Well, as always, the Bake Shop at Red Rock is here to the rescue. Stop by our cafe and grab some of our show-stopping treats. ... A post shared by Red Rock Casino Resort Spa (@redrockcasino) Walking into 2021 like.. Don’t cancel your plans just yet. New Year’s Eve is still happening and we have a couple of ways for you to celebrate. Celebrate in Merry Crimson! All the sparkle and glam that ... Book now at Grand Cafe at Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, NV. Explore menu, see photos and read 38 reviews: "Our food was delicious and our server was awesome." Casino and hotel buffets are a Las Vegas staple; however, Red Rock Casino's buffet offers international specialties that you'll be hard pressed to find at any other resort buffet. Live cooking stations allow you to see the chefs in action and lend a personal touch to this family-style dining. Red Rock's other cafés, bars and restaurants offer ample opportunities to experience the dishes ... Specialties: The Red Rock Grand Café is open 24 hours a day, serving gourmet tastes at café prices, with over 100 different items always available. The holiday menus and elegant dessert bar make this an experience above the rest. Nice cafe in the Red Rock Casino. SteaknEggs were great. Good portion of food for the price. Open late and good for groups or solo. See this review Read More.. @ Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa @ Las Vegas @ Grand Café 0 Like Comment 2 years ago Fiona Chow I have been here a couple times and have been pleased with each visit. We're seated promptly and a waiter comes by relatively quickly. I ... Red Rock Replica The Bake Shop at Red Rock Casino team unveiled a nearly five-foot-tall by nine feet long gingerbread replica of the resort prominently displayed in the middle of the casino floor. With over 500 hours of labor and ten talented bake shop and carpentry team members putting the masterpiece together, the “Gingerbread Hotel” features all the details of the resort – just made ... Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa 2,210 followers on LinkedIn. Uniquely positioned at the gateway to Red Rock Canyon, one of the most beautiful National parks in the country, just 12 miles from the ...

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 2019 - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Red Rock Casino...a BILLION dollar casino for locals - Duration: 14:15. Living in Las Vegas 103,543 views. 14:15. Las Vegas 1988 - our First trip - Duration: 9:40. MrTexTJ 43,844 views. 9:40 ... Shoutout Ed Bassmaster for the hacker bit! Had to give it a try boys! Legend.SUBSCRIBE TO NELK FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY: VIDEO: ... Colin and I took a tour around The Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas on Feb, 7 2019. If you make it to the end you will see a glimpse of AVN with Craig and I. Sorry... Hotel Casino "Vámonos Ya" del album LP. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more. It started as a craving for some good American grub, a penchant for fun, a zen faith in serendipity, and a passion for rock 'n' roll. Sad news about the Hard Rock New Orleans Body. A tarp has fallen from the Hard Rock Hotel fall apart site, exposing the remains of one of the people killed i... La legendaria banda de rock ha tomado el desierto y reclama ser dueño del “Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino”. Esta emboscada a la ciudad del pecado, capturada en 3D, te coloca en el mejor lugar del ... Master guitarist Jesse Cook returned to Las Vegas for a special performance inside Rocks Lounge on Friday, October 12, 2018. One of New Mexico’s largest Indian casinos will soon have a new look and a new name when Isleta Casino and Resort will become the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel Albuquerque.